Transitioning from its previous identity as albelli-Photobox Group, the company that houses brands like Photobox UK and Bonusprint, has rebranded to Storio group. This significant rebranding marks a pivotal shift in the European personalised photo product sector, supported by an impressive revenue base of over EUR 340M and a dedicated customer following of 11 million. This change is accompanied by an important update in leadership, with Alessandro Coppo assuming the role of CEO from Tristan Money, effective February 8th, 2024. This leadership transition is part of the organization’s strategic focus post-merger, aimed at enhancing integration, igniting innovation, and driving growth.

The announcement of this transformative rebranding and leadership transition was highlighted during a lively internal launch event, live-streamed from Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona. This event brought together the company’s European operations in a shared digital celebration, marking the beginning of a promising new chapter for Storio group, with celebrations across all its locations.

After leading the company through a significant nine-year period, which included the pivotal merger with Photobox in January 2022, Tristan Money handed over the leadership to Alessandro Coppo.

Alessandro Coppo brings a wealth of experience to Storio group, with over 25 years in the industry, including impactful roles at Boston Consulting Group and a significant 17-year stint at eBay. His leadership at eBay, which saw the Classifieds Group’s revenues grow from $300M to over $1B, showcases his strategic expertise in leveraging technology to connect people and create engaging, safe commerce experiences. His broad experience is ideally matched with the strategic ambitions and values of Storio group.

In his new role as CEO, Alessandro is committed to leveraging the strong foundation laid by Tristan and the existing leadership team, with the aim of positioning Storio group as a leading and beloved brand renowned for connecting people with their most significant moments.

The shift to Storio group represents the company’s ongoing evolution and its commitment to crafting impactful experiences. This rebranding signifies the company’s resolve to pursue continued innovation and growth within its sector. At the core of Storio group’s new identity is the purpose statement “To Make Joy Unforgettable,” which emphasizes its mission to turn special customer moments into enduring memories.

Upon his appointment, Alessandro Coppo expressed his enthusiasm, “It’s a thrilling time to lead a company that sits at the intersection of digital and physical realms and whose products have a deep level of emotional connection with its customers. Our commitment to innovation and personal connection is unique, and I look forward to building on the strong foundation laid by Tristan and the team. Our new brand identity and values will be central to our commitment to customers and employees.”

Alessandro Coppo – Chief Executive Officer

Reflecting on the new developments, Tristan Money shared, “The launch of Storio group and the welcoming of Alessandro Coppo as CEO, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Since the merger of albelli and Photobox Group 2 years ago, we have worked diligently to integrate our operations and set a clear path for the future. Alessandro’s experience and vision align perfectly with Storio group’s mission, vision, purpose, values, and proposition.”

With its refreshed brand and new executive leadership, Storio group is poised to enhance its market position, introducing cutting-edge solutions to improve customer experiences and drive growth, consistent with its redefined purpose, values, and EVP.

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