The top 10 things that Brits look for when considering a new job have been revealed, with a focus on salary, working hours, and good health benefits, according to research.

A survey of 2,000 workers found that regular salary increases were the most important factor, followed by a minimum of five weeks’ annual leave and flexible working hours.

Other desired benefits include the ability to work from anywhere, opportunities for promotion and career advancement, a health plan or wellbeing benefits, a supportive and friendly team, and good sick pay.

Additionally, a four-day working week and an extensive training scheme were also considered important factors by job seekers.

The study, commissioned by health cash plan provider Medicash, found that health benefits were a major priority for one in five workers. In fact, 61 percent of respondents claimed they would be more inclined to apply for a job that offered healthcare benefits compared to one that did not.

Sue Weir, CEO of Medicash, said: “The days of a job being solely about salary have gone, and for many, the other perks offered can sometimes be just as, if not more, attractive. People are now taking care of their health more than ever.”

The research also highlighted that 43 percent of workers want health benefits to be provided by their employers on a paid or subsidized basis, yet only 27 percent currently have this in their workplace.

Furthermore, 71 percent of respondents stated that they would be more likely to stay in a job if their employer offered a substantial benefits package, demonstrating the value employees place on a caring and supportive work environment.

The study also surveyed 500 HR professionals, of whom 71 percent considered healthcare benefits to be important for current and potential employees. Over half (53 percent) believed that such benefits play a role in staff retention.

Concerningly, 82 percent of HR staff reported an increase in employees taking time off for mental health reasons during the “Covid years,” and 91 percent expressed worries about the mental and physical impact of the cost-of-living crisis on their staff.

Sue Weir concluded, “It seems there’s a growing sense among workers that they deserve support, and it’s up to employers to provide it and create the best possible working conditions. Achieving this will undoubtedly lead to a happier workplace and help employers retain their top talent, benefiting everyone involved.”

Top 10 Things Brits Look for When Deciding on a New Job:

  1. Salary – 45 percent
  2. Flexible working hours – 42 percent
  3. Minimum five weeks’ annual leave – 34 percent
  4. Ability to work from anywhere – 25 percent
  5. Opportunities for promotion and career advancement – 22 percent
  6. Health plan or wellbeing benefits – 20 percent
  7. Great team of colleagues – 19 percent
  8. Good sick pay – 14 percent
  9. Understanding and friendly bosses – 13 percent
  10. Four-day working week – 10 percent
  11. Extensive training scheme – 8 percent
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