BusinessBuild The Best Gojek Clone App With Advanced Features That Will Generate...

Build The Best Gojek Clone App With Advanced Features That Will Generate 10X Revenue

Building an App that offers On-Demand Services is challenging. The Entrepreneur has to take care that the App has Responsive Pages, its visual design, navigation system, and everything else in between. Being a responsible Entrepreneur, you have to look after what is being integrated into the App ensuring whether your target audience finds it useful or not. As an Expert, I’d recommend you take care of 5 other most important things to consider while building the Gojek Clone for your Multi-Service Business!


Multiple Online Payment

Every Digital Platform now offers multiple online payment options. So why shouldn’t you? Including Multiple Payment Methods lets your customers easily and conveniently book the services they need without having to worry about CASH.

Let your customers book the services and pay for them via their credit card, debit card, and even In-App Wallet!

Real-Time Tracking

This feature allows the user and service provider to track the location on the In-App Map. The Users can see the current location of the Provider on the Map. They can see how far the Providers are from the user’s location plus get minute-by-minute updates on their location.

Google APIs are expensive, we know that, and that is why we use local reliable map company APIs in the Gojek Clone to make it affordable for the Entrepreneur. Moreover, the APIs from local map companies work as efficiently as Google APIs.

In-App Video Calling

In-App Calling features were existent. But, to bring a little extravagant variance in the feature, Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App has bought the concept of Video Calling the Service Provider.

Say, a customer has hired a Delivery Genie or a Professional Shopper to get some Medical Marijuana from a pharmacy that hasn’t registered with the App yet! Here, the customer can video call the Delivery Genie while he is on the shopping run to see if he is purchasing the correct item or not!

Safety Badges

Safety Badges are yet another important consideration, especially in this Post-Pandemic Era. While a majority of people are still fear-stricken by the virus, they need a certain grade of assurance that the store or shop they are purchasing from is safe and follows strict WHO Guidelines and Safety Measures.

Thus, these Safety Badges ensure to give the assurance to customers that the Store/Shop follows WHO Issued Safety Guidelines! 

Easy and Safe Login

Along with the many new features, Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 has also introduced an exclusive feature – Login with Biometric Authentication. iPhone users can activate their Face ID to easily login into the App. Whereas, Android Users can use Login via the Fingerprint Scanning method. This lowers the hassles of remembering the passwords and usernames every time the user may want to login into the App!


Include these 5 important features in your Gojek Clone App and see what wonders the App will do once it is launched in the market! Get yourself an Expert White-Labeling Firm like V3Cube that offers you a Pre-Built, Mature, Highly-Optimized, and Market-Tested App.

Discuss your App Requirements today and launch the App in just 1 – 2 weeks!

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