NewsThis Was 2021 In Spain, According To Google

This Was 2021 In Spain, According To Google

As 2021 closes its doors, many are the end of the year habits that begin to reproduce. One of the most striking is the one carried out by Google when launching the most repeated searches on its servers which, in the case of Spain, always leaves curious anecdotes. From the sports side to the atmospheric information, La Palma or Black Friday dominate the main focuses of attention.

“What’s the Most Googled in 2021?” Perfectly this could be one of the most repeated trends of the year, because in the classification of the technology that has changed the way of solving everyone’s doubts there are always very curious data and phrases . However, this does not reach as high a level as those that dominate the first positions that, in general, respond to very similar themes.

And it is that 2021 for Spain has been a year of Olympic Games, Eurocup, the departure of Messi from Barcelona and the possible arrival of Mbappé to Madrid, as far as sport is concerned. The interest par excellence that also shares top positions with the eruption of the La Palma volcano , the rise in the price of electricity , the most important dates on the calendar or vaccines against the coronavirus.

The coronavirus loses strength and sport continues as the most sought after
One last topic, the one referring to covid-19, which has lost great interest compared to 2020. Since the previous year the coronavirus copied most of the searches, due to its novelty, confinement and measures, 365 days later the interest in Google certifies that only vaccines keep some attention among the searches of the Spanish.

Thus, “when I have to get vaccinated”, “how to get the covid passport” and “why does the arm hurt with the vaccine” are the only questions that relate to the covid-19 taking third place in the category ‘When. ..? ‘, the seventh in’ How …? ‘ and the fifth in ‘Why’, respectively.

The Eurocup, the Olympic Games and Real Madrid, lead a table where tennis continues to dominate many of the highest positions
Very far from sports topics, where removing the top searches ‘Athletes 2021’ (where five relating to football, three to tennis and two to the Olympic Games stand out), up to 15 themes stand out in all classifications. With special relevance in the top searches ‘ General 2021 ‘, of the top ten positions seven refer to these disciplines (Eurocopa, position 2; La Liga, 3; Real Madrid, 4; Roland Garros, 5; Mbappe, 8; Atlético de Madrid, 9; NBA, 10).

In addition, of special curiosity are the questions ” when does Spain play ” (top 1 in ‘When …?’), “How are Madrid doing” (top 3 in ‘How …?’) And “why Messi is leaving “(top 3 in ‘Why’). Searches on the dates of the matches of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​the start of the Olympics and the premiere of the video game FIFA 22 take over the other major sports concerns on Google.

The weather is no longer checked on the news
However, if there is something that can overshadow this issue, that is the atmospheric information. ” Time tomorrow ” was the most repeated search in the ‘General 2021’ category, showing that just as a few years ago the space of time on the news was the one that aroused the most interest in homes, technology has now led to ‘ look out the window ‘via google.

“How to know if I am a defaulter” or “how a giraffe sleeps” among the most anecdotal questions
Finally, among the most curious searches, the interest in Mediaset programs stands out (with five themes in ‘Cinema, tv and series 2021’), the relevance of the La Palma volcano , being top 6 in ‘General 2021’ and top 1 in ‘Why’ (“why does a volcano erupt”) and searches on the price of electricity , top 2 in ‘Why’ (“why does the light go up”), and on Black Friday , top 2 in ‘When…?’ (“when is Black Friday”).

“What is the name of Thor’s hammer”, “how to know if I am a defaulter” or “how does a giraffe sleep” are the other questions that do not go unnoticed due to its high relevance of this 2021 that is already saying goodbye. A year where the coronavirus began to lose interest, the sport continued to attract the most attention and specific topics predominated very intermittently … or so Google reflects.

Top General Searches 2021

  1. Tomorrow time
  2. Eurocup
  3. The League
  4. Real Madrid
  5. Roland Garros
  6. La Palma volcano
  7. Bonoloto
  8. Mbappe
  9. Atlético de Madrid
  10. NBA

Top searches How …? 2021

  1. What is the name of Thor’s hammer
  2. How to know if I am delinquent
  3. How are Madrid doing?
  4. How is Spain going?
  5. What is the name of the Acacia flower?
  6. How are the elections going in Madrid?
  7. How to get the covid passport
  8. How a giraffe sleeps
  9. olive flower what is it called
  10. How to make bread

Top searches When …? 2021

  1. When does Spain play
  2. When is Black Friday?
  3. When do I get vaccinated?
  4. When does Madrid play
  5. When is Easter?
  6. When does WhatsApp come back?
  7. When does Barcelona play?
  8. When do the Olympics start?
  9. When is Carnival
  10. When does FIFA 22 come out?

Top searches Why 2021

  1. Why does a volcano erupt
  2. Why does the light go up
  3. Why is Messi leaving?
  4. Why Melendi is not in La Voz
  5. Why does the arm hurt from the vaccine
  6. Why Cat was crazy in Victorious
  7. Why is Women’s Day celebrated?
  8. Why am I closing my applications?
  9. Why do cats purr?
  10. Why are there so many earthquakes in Granada

Top searches Athletes 2021

  1. Mbappe
  2. Eriksen
  3. Rafael Nadal
  4. Carlos Alcaraz
  5. Ana Peleteiro
  6. Paula Badosa
  7. Dani Olmo
  8. Simone Biles
  9. Unai Simon
  10. Xavi

Top searches Cinema, tv and series 2021

  1. Tokyvideo
  2. Survivors
  3. Love is in the air
  4. The Island of Temptations
  5. The squid game
  6. Secret Story
  7. The Last Temptation
  8. Mask Singer
  9. The Bridgertons
  10. Eternals

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