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A draft of Health proposes to increase tobacco taxes and ban smoking in cars

The Ministry of Health has drawn up a draft in which it proposes “before the year 2023” to increase taxes on cigarettes and their derivatives, increase smoke-free places so that it is not possible to smoke in cars or fix a generic packaging in the packs

This is stated in the ‘Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention and Control of Smoking 2021-2025’, to which Europa Press has had access , and which the experts of the Ministry have sent to scientific societies and CCAA to make contributions before December 15.

Health sources specify, however, that it is a “technical” and “very preliminary” document, which has yet to receive contributions from both the health and legal sectors, for example, in view of the restrictions that the new could impose. rule.

The objective of the new Anti-Smoking Law, without updating since 2010, is for Spain to reach the goal set by the World Health Organization (WHO) of achieving “a relative reduction of 30% in tobacco consumption by the year 2025 “, compared to the data that were had in 2010.

In sum, Health is committed to reducing premature mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by one third by 2030, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease, together with reducing the daily smoking rate by 5% by 2040, especially in young people between 14 and 18 years of age, where it is intended to reach up to 7%.

In the case of young people between 15 and 24 years old, the objective is to reduce their consumption by 20%. “It is feasible as long as the measures included in this comprehensive plan that will form the basis of the national policy on smoking are implemented as soon as possible,” the document explains.

The main measure included in the draft is “to promote the revision of taxation to achieve an increase and approximation of the price of all tobacco products and heating devices used for their consumption”, as well as “promote the taxation of cigarettes electronics with excise duty ” . This measure, if finally carried out, would lead to a significant increase in the price of cigarettes.

One of the smoke-free spaces that are contemplated are private vehicles
Likewise, it is collected to increase smoke-free spaces, in which conventional cigarettes would be equated with electronic ones or with heated tobacco products. The central point is “the outdoor spaces”, referring to the terraces of the hotel industry, where experts have warned that most of the restrictions on non-smoking are not met.

Another of the smoke-free spaces that are contemplated are private vehicles or playgrounds. “Spain will once again be a pioneer, as it was thanks to the 2010 amendment, offering special recognition of protection in sensitive spaces such as children’s play areas and their surroundings,” the draft details.

The generic packaging of packs is another of the historical demands of anti-smoking organizations, and is also contemplated in this new standard. Specifically, it is committed to “adopting measures already implemented by other countries in the European environment, such as generic packaging, which are endorsed by experience and widely requested by medical-scientific societies.”

With the aim of continuing to assimilate traditional tobacco products with new ones, the new standard also proposes to “equate by law the advertising, promotion and sponsorship of related products and new products to the existing one for tobacco products.” Along the same lines, Health wants to better regulate the sale and consumption of tobacco-related products, whether “with or without nicotine”, as well as to eliminate the flavors and aromas that mask the flavor of burning tobacco.

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