NewsLM Wind Power Announces Dismissal Of 393 Workers At Its Ponferrada Plant

LM Wind Power Announces Dismissal Of 393 Workers At Its Ponferrada Plant

LM Wind Power announces the dismissal of 393 workers at its Ponferrada plant. The company offers to relocate 265 workers in Castellón and France.

The management of LM Wind Power has officially communicated this Wednesday to the works council an ERE for the termination of contracts that would affect 393 workers of the factory that the multinational owns in the La Llamada industrial estate in Santo Tomás de las Ollas in Ponferrada.

According to the documentation provided by the company, which has begun to analyze its content in detail, the relocation is offered for 265 employees in the LM factories in Castellón and France and the hiring of a placement agency for the employment of the rest.

The plant currently has 1,100 workers. Of the 265 employees, 245 would go to France and 20 to Castellón, provided they accept the transfer.

Regarding the modification of working conditions, the company proposes the modification of the current shifts so that it will return to Monday through Friday, with some exceptions, instead of the current shift structure that includes recently approved weekends , as reported by various local media.

The General Electric European Company Central Committee (CEE), in which a representative of LM Workers Commissions participates, has expressed its rejection of the ERE and the substantial modification of the working conditions at the Ponferrada plant and has shown its solidarity with the workers.

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