NewsMicrosoft Announces Windows 365, To Use Windows 11 From The Cloud Anywhere

Microsoft Announces Windows 365, To Use Windows 11 From The Cloud Anywhere

Microsoft announces Windows 365, to use Windows 11 from the cloud anywhere. The new Windows is a customizable cloud system. We can use the same computer on all our devices.

The new version of Windows is not for your computer; or at least, not just for your computer. With Windows 365, Microsoft wants to make the “PC in the cloud” concept a reality once and for all with a new subscription service.

The Inspire conference held today has served to announce a new payment service, similar to what Microsoft already offers with Xbox Cloud Gaming; the difference is that, instead of having access to our favorite games from the cloud, we will have access to a complete Windows system .

Indeed, if we pay that subscription, we can use Windows on any laptop, tablet or desktop computer. That doesn’t sound very surprising, considering that we can already do that, if those devices have Windows pre-installed; the thing changes if we say that we will use the same installation of Windows in all the systems .

That is, for practical purposes it is like using the same computer , regardless of the device that we are actually using. We can get up from our desk chair, take our tablet, and we will see exactly the same desk, with the same open programs and the same files.

Windows 365 runs on top of Azure Virtual Desktop, and is a new service for workers, developers, designers, and other professionals alike. These will be the ones that best take advantage of the possibility of having several computers in the cloud, each one for a function.

For example, we can have a system dedicated only to creative projects, with an eight-core processor, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage; that will give us the power to run the most demanding programs, but we don’t need that constantly. We can have a more modest day-to-day system with four cores and 16 GB of RAM; or we can even dedicate a system just for archiving files, much less powerful.

In other words, we can have several computers at our disposal , with a single account and accessible from all kinds of devices; Windows 365 will be accessible from Mac, Linux, iPads, Android, and of course, Windows systems.

At the moment, there is no price information, but Microsoft has confirmed that it will be available from next August 2; Initially, it will run Windows 10 systems, but when Windows 11 is available the systems will update themselves, another advantage of not having to be aware of compatibility.

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