NewsSoft Or Hard Nougat, Which Is Better

Soft Or Hard Nougat, Which Is Better

Christmas would not be understood without nougat as the most typical sweet (with the permission of the polvorones, mazanares and the roscón de Reyes). In various forms and varieties, however, they are the most classic, soft and hard , the ones that record the most sales each year. Two formats on which the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has focused its analysis , to define their characteristics as well as to know which is the best purchase option.

What nougat do I buy and, above all, what brand do I choose? A decision to make every Christmas that, as in everything, always lies in the consumer’s taste. But respecting this unwritten law, the OCU has wanted to give its recommendations on this product that has its place par excellence in Jijona and Alicante .

Two municipalities so renowned that they have become PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) and that today give their name to the most classic varieties of nougat: soft and hard, respectively. With many differences between them, beyond the texture, however, honey and almond are the key to its success.

The percentage of almonds and Valencian production, keys to creating a good nougat
And it is that for a nougat to be recognized as IGP Jijona or Alicante it must have these two ingredients produced in the Valencian Community . An indispensable requirement that, in addition, helps in the Supreme category (minimum 64% of the content must be almond) on which the OCU has wanted to emphasize.

This nickname, of praised criticism, has the odd but. As the institution has been able to verify, in many cases honey or sugar are replaced by glucose syrups or invert sugar , much cheaper, as well as additives are introduced to preserve their flavor. Conditions that the OCU asks to eliminate, in order to preserve the quality of a PGI.

Soft nougat goes through a greater process as it has to be subjected to mills and then cooked
But already entering into what refers to the products that best respect hard or soft nougat, among the former it is worth mentioning Lidl while in the latter, gold responds to AntiuXixona . Alicante or Jijona, the difference is in its manufacture since for the soft, once the ingredients are mixed they are passed through mills to obtain a fine and uniform dough that is then cooked.

This is the best hard nougat available at Lidl
Against all odds and despite having brands recognized for their tradition, the best hard nougat (Alicante) is only sold at Lidl . White label, therefore, under the Dor signature , this product is classified as a “master purchase” due to its excellent taste and quality.

In a package that costs 2.29 euros and which comes with two tablets of 100 grams each, Lidl recognizes on its packaging that eggs from hens raised on the ground have been used for the manufacture of this Supreme quality nougat. Conditions that give it a rating of 84 out of 100 , despite the fact that it does not have a PGI for using 63% almonds.

Beyond this Lidl tablet , the OCU recognizes the value of another white label nougat. This is the case of Eroski , which also gets a valuation of 84, this time with IGP Alicante so it has a slightly higher price (5.30 euros). AntiuXixona (79 valuation), Picó (77) and Dia, Ahorramás and Alcampo (all 76 out of 100) have the other hard nougat most recognized in tastings.

AntiuXixona has the best soft nougat
On the other hand, with regard to the Jijona variety nougats, the greatest recognition is for the best-known brand of this Alicante town. AntiuXixona has the “best of analysis” in its transparent label format . A “very good quality” tablet supported by the Jijona PGI with 70% almond content.

With a score of 70 out of 100 , due to the lower quality of its sugars, this shows that the OCU gives a higher score to hard nougat over soft ones. Even so, this AntiuXixona can be easily found in almost any establishment at a reference price of 3.60 euros per tablet.

Lidl , as with the hard, once again has one of the best nougat of this variety (66 valuation) although Delaviuda achieves a higher position thanks to its tablet cataloged with 67 points. Aldi, Carrefour or Eroski are some of the most recognized white brands in this case, although for soft nougat their reviews drop to close to “medium quality”.

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