NewsTelefónica Raises Its Proposal For Voluntary Redundancies To 2,469 Employees

Telefónica Raises Its Proposal For Voluntary Redundancies To 2,469 Employees

Telefónica has raised by 500 employees, to a maximum of 2,479, its proposal of people who can adhere to the voluntary individual exit plan (PSI) that is proposed to be implemented in Spain for workers aged 54 and over, as reported this Wednesday by union sources .

At the meeting of the negotiating table on Wednesday, the company has increased in its proposal the number of people who meet the age and seniority requirements of the company from 3,261 to 4,532 after including all the company’s addresses in Spain.

In this way, Telefónica has considered the arguments provided by the workers’ representatives to include all addresses, although with some adjustment, in the sense that it proposes that the prioritization of professional profiles that will have a labor surplus must be respected and those who are protected must be protected. They are critical to your business plans, according to sources.

In this way, a maximum of 2,479 employees would be eligible for this plan: 2,011 from company units with a surplus of professional profiles (66% of the 3,047 people eligible for the plan when they meet the age requirements and seniority), 254 without surplus (20% of the 1,271 potential) and 214 managers (100% of this group).

In the previous proposal, the percentage of people eligible to benefit from the plan in the case of units with a surplus of professional profiles was 60%, while the addresses with profiles without surpluses could not be accepted. The rest of the points, including those relating to the regulatory salary, remain at 68% of the remuneration for those born in 1967 (54 years), 63% for those born between 1966 and 1963, and 60% for those born in 1967. from 1963.

“Clearly insufficient,” says UGT
For UGT, the company’s new proposal continues “to be clearly insufficient”, and they demand a new approach where universality is respected to the maximum and with a homogeneous income plan for all age groups.

In addition, they insist that any agreement must include the extension of the term of the collective agreement, which includes guarantees of employment, non-mobility and non-segregation. The negotiation affects the employees of Telefónica de España, Telefónica Móviles and Telefónica Soluciones, which total around 18,000 workers.

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