EducationEndesa Foundation Collaborates With The Museo Nacional In The Education

Endesa Foundation Collaborates With The Museo Nacional In The Education

The Endesa Foundation and the Museo Nacional del Prado have signed a collaboration agreement that will allow the implementation of the “Marcos de mira” project, an educational program with which they intend to bring art closer to groups with difficulties in accessing culture. offering tours of the rooms of the permanent collection of the Museo Nacional del Prado, as well as dynamics and experimentation workshops between the months of November 2021 to July 2022.

The activity starts from the premise that our gaze (in the broadest sense) changes things and, furthermore, influences how people around us perceive them. Likewise, our gaze is determined by a background, our history and our lived stories and, of course, by curiosity, concerns and interests.

For Miguel Falomir, director of the Museo Nacional del Prado, “the collaboration of institutions such as the Endesa Foundation in this type of initiative encourages the promotion of art and facilitates the access of the most disadvantaged groups to the collections kept by the Museo Nacional del Prado” .

“With this collaboration we want to promote quality education and equal opportunities for society as a whole, contributing to the promotion of the spirit of knowledge in people with limited resources and to help future generations to be the engine of social change “, said Javier Blanco, General Director of the Endesa Foundation.

A ” Sight Frame ” is more than a point, it is a window
Beyond teaching, this project is a way not only to enjoy and learn from art and history, but also a space to address issues that concern and concern us from active listening , such as the transforming gaze and dialogue. The gaze of each of the participants in this project is essential to construct new stories in the museum, and for them to discover the importance of having an active gaze and of transmitting what they have seen to others.

“Marcos de mira” will be carried out in three stages. The first will consist of sessions with conceptual axes such as light and color, space and composition, or iconography and symbolism that will allow us to delve into the works. Subsequently, in relation to the concepts learned, practical workshops will be designed, in which we will have contemporary creators. Finally, the publication of everything learned will be carried out, to collect the experience and also be able to share it.

By virtue of this collaboration agreement, and in what will be its first edition, other foundations and associations will participate such as Integra Foundation, the Padre Pulgar Association, the “Open Door” reception center, Cáritas, Fundación Mujeres Por África, La Merced Migraciones and the Puerta Abierta reception center, among others.

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