NewsVolveremos Will Return In September To Boost Sales In Shops In Zaragoza

Volveremos Will Return In September To Boost Sales In Shops In Zaragoza

The ‘Volveremos’ consumer incentive program takes a hiatus and will return in the second half of September, when the city resumes activity. Thus, this Wednesday is the last Wednesday that the users of the application will be able to get discounts on their purchases or drinks. However, the accumulated balance since the program began this 2021 can continue to be spent throughout the summer.

“People go on vacation, some establishments close to rest and there are discounts, so we have decided to give the program a break and return in the second half of September with renewed energy,” said the municipal councilor for Economy, Innovation and Employment of the City Council of Zaragoza, Carmen Herrarte.

Thus, the generation of balance ends this Wednesday, but citizens will be able to continue spending the accumulated balance in their applications during every day of the summer. “In the applications, since May 19, more than 1.3 million euros has been accumulated in balance, citizens will be able to continue spending it on their purchases throughout the summer,” Herrarte commented.

Since the ‘Volveremos’ campaign began on May 19, 100,000 transactions have been made for more than 8 million euros. “The objective was to encourage consumption in the valley day, on Wednesdays, and we have achieved it,” the counselor pointed out.

“Since we started the second edition, the program has been a success because it is a city project, the administration, the local business fabric and citizens are involved. It has been a win, win”, Carmen Herrarte has valued.

In the second half of September, ‘Volveremos’ will recover returns of up to 30% in shops and hotels in the city, as it has been doing so far. From that moment on, the users of the app will be able to take back the credit on their purchases every Wednesday, to continue spending and consuming every day of the week.

Carmen Herrarte has not ruled out that specific actions can be carried out before that date, since the app allows segmenting by sectors. “We are studying it from the Area,” he added.

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