NewsOssorio Assures That Madrid Achieves A Labor Insertion Of More Than 90%

Ossorio Assures That Madrid Achieves A Labor Insertion Of More Than 90%

83.3% of Dual Vocational Training students in the Community of Madrid achieve at least one employment contract during the first year after completing their studies, as stated on Monday by the Minister of Education, Universities and Science, Enrique Ossorio . In addition, he highlighted that this percentage increases in some professional families exceeding 90% , such as the cases of Personal Image, Chemicals, Textile, Clothing and leather and Transport and vehicle maintenance.

Ossorio made these statements during his visit to IES Clara del Rey, one of the first centers to introduce this type of training ten years ago and which made the Community of Madrid a pioneer within the Spanish educational system.

The Dual FP, which combines the teaching of theoretical and practical content in schools and companies, offers students a series of advantages, such as coverage and Social Security contributions during their stay in the company and the collection of a monthly scholarship.

In this way, added the counselor, faster access to the labor market is facilitated and the students are more stable. He said that the labor insertion of the Dual Vocational Training of Middle Grade is 78.2% , while that of Superior is 86.4% , which represents 7.3% and 11.2% more respectively than in the face-to-face modalities.

He also commented that this program was launched in the 2011-12 academic year with 60 students and two training cycles. Today 6,869 students participate in it in 23 cycles of Middle Grade and 36 of Higher , including six study plans that lead to double degrees .

The IES Clara del Rey was one of the first public centers to offer FP Dual among its teachings. In addition, it is one of those with a greater implementation of this modality since 45% take these training cycles that combine theoretical and practical content in companies and the institute itself .

Companies such as Mediamarkt, L’Oréal, Bosch, Lidl, Canal de Isabel II, Repsol, Accenture, El Corte Inglés, Ricoh Spain, Babel Sistemas de Información or Fujitsu Technology Solutions, among many others, collaborate with the educational center in training programs .

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Ossorio indicated that the regional government’s commitment to Vocational Training is reflected in the constant increase in places that occurs each year and that far exceeds the average for Spain. In fact, he added, it has increased by 43,000 more since the 2018/19 academic year.

In addition, in the Education Budgets Project for 2022, the program has the most important increase in percentage terms (+ 126%) , due to the growth in the number of students, 36,000 in two courses, and the new technological and pedagogical means put at your service, such as digital resources, distance education or entrepreneurship classrooms.

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