NewsNational Sovereignty Is Not Contrary To Internationalization

National Sovereignty Is Not Contrary To Internationalization

The Secretary of State for Defense, Esperanza Casteleiro Llamazares, stressed during her inaugural speech at the IV Defense Forum that “it is necessary to underline that national sovereignty should not be opposed to internationalization, rather on the contrary, they should converge and provide synergies with our allies to be more competitive and more effective in the task of safety “.

In this regard, Casteleiro Llamazares pointed out that one of the initiatives that the Secretary of State for Defense is working on is the demand, in all multinational defense programs, for an Industrial Plan . “As a practical example of the industrial participation of our companies that we are demanding in international programs, is the FCAS Program, in which we demand a plan that means a 33% quality participation of national companies, corresponding to the percentage of commitment acquired by Spain in it, “he indicated.

Other lines of work that he highlighted were the promotion of the defense industrial and technological base, as an ideal supplier to provide the Armed Forces with the best capabilities; support and advice on the internationalization of the business , facilitating access to funds derived from the European Defense Action Plan; and the dissemination of the importance of this industry as well as the need for collaboration in investment, since the product obtained transcends the defense itself.

Strategic sector
To highlight the national technological sovereignty provided by the defense industry as an engine to reactivate the economy, Casteleiro Llamazares explained that in 2020 the sector had a turnover of 6,720 million euros . To the aforementioned turnover we must add an indirect impact on the economy of 2,600 million and an induced impact of 1,400 million euros.

In this sense, this industry “generates 23,000 direct jobs that in turn maintain more than 69,000 additional jobs indirectly and induced, with 70% being highly qualified”. In addition, 75% of the turnover of Spanish defense is exports , ranking seventh worldwide.

However, Casteleiro Llamazares emphasized the industry’s driving potential, since ” each euro invested in defense generates 2.5 in the national economy . This characteristic is directly related to the economic impact of the companies that comprise it, their contribution to the generation of employment and the added value provided by its production processes “.

Likewise, its contribution to investment in R&D “with highly complex industrial and technological developments, dual in many cases, is also significant .” In this regard, “it is a reality that all the companies that comprise it have business lines, both in the field of security and defense, as well as in others that we can consider in the civil field, without a doubt a clear expression of R + D + i dual “, underlined the Secretary of State for Defense.

To conclude, Casteleiro Llamazares alluded to the technological dimension and the highly innovative nature of the defense sector , “forming part, in a very relevant way, of the industrial sector, considered key in the process of recovery of the economy.”

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