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Mercadona’s Product That Is Devastating Due To The Psychosis Of The Great Blackout

The Austrian Government’s prediction that there will be a major electricity ‘blackout’ across Europe – which will mean there is no electricity, no internet, no heating, which will affect communications, traffic and food supplies and public safety- It has caused a psychosis in Spain that has made people go to the shops and hardware stores to buy camping gas .

Blackout in a city.
And another of the great beneficiaries seems to be Mercadona, which ensures that it sells 19,700 units on average per day throughout Spain of a product that solves one of the very great needs that would arise in the event of a major blackout. Red Eléctrica has already assured that there is nothing to fear and that the entire system is more than assured despite what the Austrian Government says, but just in case there are people who have begun to stock up on certain provisions , both groceries and no, and this is one of those great cases.

It does not bother to have them at home because they barely bulge, they can be used at any time and they also have an aromatic function . That is why it is being one of Mercadona’s star sales.

Four alternatives
In the event of a major blackout, one of the major problems that can be generated is that there will be no electricity to illuminate the rooms when there is no natural light, so any device that serves to provide light will be essential.

There the candles come into play and Mercadona has four scented ones. Of course, most people buy them for their pleasant scents and because the soft flame of a candle is very relaxing, which when combined with the smell gives a perfect combination. That is why they have swept, but surely there will also be buyers who have thought that it costs nothing to have them at home just in case, that the electricity from home can also go out one day, or because lately the bill is through the roof.

They are from the Bosque Verde brand and are produced for all of Spain by Francisco Aragón, a company from Molina de Segura, in Murcia. The four flavors available are wild fruits, vanilla, chai and talc and each unit, which is a size more than considerable, costs 1.65 euros.

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