NewsCabify Expands Its Commitment To Monthly Rental Of Sustainable Vehicles

Cabify Expands Its Commitment To Monthly Rental Of Sustainable Vehicles

The Spanish multi-mobility platform Cabify has announced a new milestone in its offer of sustainable urban mobility services to continue positioning itself as the best alternative to the private car. For the first time, Cabify users in Spain will be able to rent electric scooters on a monthly basis for their trips around the city. This service comes from the hand of an alliance with the Spanish brand Velca, which offers 100% electric motorcycles with removable battery and autonomy of 100 kilometers, and will be available to its users in Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

As of today, Cabify users in these cities have the option “Rent” available to access the subscription service and be able to rent for months both Velca’s motorcycles and Bive’s bicycles. The option appears on the main screen, in the bottom menu, next to “Travel”, “Drive”, “Send” and “Super”. In this way, Cabify complements its multimodal offer that includes in the same app the VTC service, taxi, scooters and electric scooters by the minute and, in addition, this new option of renting electric scooters that is added to the existing option of renting bikes.

Lucía Chávarri, Vice President of New Businesses at Cabify, explains that “offering this electric motorbike rental service together with Velca is a natural step in our commitment to multi-mobility. We have proposed that in a few steps our users will find the option in a comfortable way renting low-emission vehicles for months; we started with bicycles and now we are incorporating electric scooters, which are key to achieving better urban harmony. At this time, where the preference for access to mobility services is growing and the consumer values payment per use, we have the opportunity to continue transforming the transport habits of many of our users in Spain “.

Emilio Froján, CEO of Velca, argued that “Cabify and Velca are two brands that are revolutionizing urban mobility in Spain; therefore, achieving this collaboration is a very important step for sustainable mobility in our country. They will be able to rent Velca electric scooters in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga or Seville. For Velca, allying ourselves with a technology company that allows us to rent a vehicle so quickly and safely was a priority that brings us closer to multimodality at the hands of the best possible platform. “

Multi-mobility with low-emission vehicles
The Velca models that will be available to Cabify users are Tramontana and Calima. By clicking on the “Rent” button, the user will be able to purchase an electric motorcycle in just 6 clicks, choosing the model, the method of payment and the place of collection. In 48 or 72 hours from hiring, you can have the chosen model at your disposal exclusively from 158 euros per month, including maintenance. All subscriptions include discounts to move in Cabify.

With this new launch, Cabify continues to provide new solutions that make it possible to reduce the volume of private car journeys through the city, building a multi-mobility ecosystem that promotes low-emission urban mobility.

According to a recent survey by Cabify, more than 35% of Spaniards continue to bet on the private car as the main transport alternative. To continue reducing this percentage, facilitating the monthly rental of low-emission vehicles that can complement shared mobility and public transport is decisive if we want to promote more sustainable travel in our cities. In addition, the possibility of renting a vehicle for a specified period improves the efficiency of the resources available to citizens, which reduces emissions from manufacturing and prevents unused vehicles occupying the street.

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