NewsTelepizza Joins The Uber Eats Platform

Telepizza Joins The Uber Eats Platform

Within its strategy of approach and connection with a younger and digital audience, Telepizza has just announced an agreement with the food delivery app Uber Eats, which will allow it to reach thousands of potential users in the 400 Spanish towns where the company has a presence. platform.

Despite the agreement reached with the technology company as part of its transformation strategy to promote multi-channel service, the chain will maintain the home delivery model through its more than 9,600 own distributors .

The pioneer brand in the food delivery service in Spain nearly 35 years ago continues with its plan to expand its presence in the digital channels where its potential customers are, a strategy in which the youngest will play a leading role .

Jacobo Caller (Telepizza): We expect a champagne effect, a very good Christmas, about to recover levels of 2019
Jacobo Caller (Telepizza): We expect a champagne effect, a very good Christmas, about to recover levels of 2019

As the CEO of the company, Jacobo Caller, told elEconomista in October , “we have detected that, in our communication to the consumer, we have not been able to connect with the new generations. For us it is essential to maintain and strengthen our family core to the time we attack that youth and technological segment. That profile that moves on payment platforms, YouTube or streaming. We must move our investment where the future is. In this sense, we are working on a technological transformation that should culminate in 2022 “.

Multi-channel strategy
In this multi-channel strategy, Food Delivery Brands, which manages Telepizza and Pizza Hut in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean, will combine its own technological channel, with the renewal and updating of the apps of both brands, as well as its presence in the great food aggregators at home.

For their part, from Uber Eats they highlight: “Thousands of users choose us every day in the more than 400 Spanish towns where we are present and we are delighted that, thanks to this agreement, from today on they will have their favorite Telepizza products in its Uber Eats application. The great growth we have experienced in the last year makes it possible for partners like Telepizza to place their trust in us. “

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