NewsPP Asks For The Reduction Of VAT On Oncological Wigs To 10%

PP Asks For The Reduction Of VAT On Oncological Wigs To 10%

The Popular Party (PP) requested the reduction of VAT from 21% to 10% of “hair prostheses, wigs and hairpieces, when they are prescribed by medical doctors . ” In total, the PP presented nearly 2,100 partial amendments to the Draft Law of the General State Budgets (PGE) of 2022.

Among the measures that the Popular Group demanded last week, there are tax cuts of more than 10,000 million in personal income tax and the abolition of Heritage and Inheritance and Donation Taxes.

The GPP spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, affirmed that the nearly 2,100 partial amendments to the 2022 PGE are presided over by the principles of freedom and equality, and seek to back up our country “by responding to the needs of all corners of Spain” . And he asserted that “all these amendments represent that the PP and President Pablo Casado are ready to govern and carry out a reformist agenda from La Moncloa, which is what Spain needs to continue growing,” he said.

The GPP justifies this amendment in that “hair loss, alopecia, is one of the most frequent side effects of cancer treatments , both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The thousands of people who experience this situation have serious problems. emotional and psychological that affect their self-esteem, many of them falling into depressive problems “.

To alleviate them, they frequently go to the purchase of hair prostheses, wigs and hairpieces that help them better cope with the pain of their cancer disease.

These hair prostheses have a significant cost that is also taxed with a VAT rate of 21%. With this amendment, we intend that the VAT on these purchases be lowered to 10%, thus making their purchase more affordable. “It is not intended to apply this reduction with a simply aesthetic purpose, so it is conditioned to the prescription by medical practitioners”, cite popular sources.

We hope that in the debate and parliamentary voting phase of the partial amendments that will take place in the coming days, this amendment of the Popular Parliamentary Group will be approved by the deputies of all the Parliamentary Groups, which would show their sensitivity towards cancer patients.

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