NewsMañueco Highlights The Work Of Vallex For Economic Recovery

Mañueco Highlights The Work Of Vallex For Economic Recovery

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has highlighted the work of companies like Vallex, “leaders in their sector”, which have allowed Aranda de Duero to be “a benchmark in the economic recovery” of the province Burgos and the Community.

Fernández Mañueco visited the Wallex operating center this Wednesday, one of the first comprehensive industrialized construction factories in Spain , located in Aranda.

The Chairman of the Board, who was accompanied on the visit by the mayor of the Burgos municipality, Raquel González, was able to see first-hand the factory dedicated exclusively to this joint project by Grupo Avintia and CEMEX.

The factory has more than 8,000 square meters of surface and offers an economy of scale in the production capacity, with an initial forecast of production of 1,000 homes per year . In this way, it stands as a new business that hopes to “give a great boost to industrial activity in the area and the generation of qualified employment.”

“I believe that the commitment of the mayor and her government team to enhance the strengths of Aranda de Duero, a leader in agri-food, in the automotive sector and new construction techniques, is a complete success,” he warned Fernández Mañueco during the visit, reports Ep

Representatives of Grupo Avintia and CEMEX have thanked the regional president for his visit and his “commitment” to industrialized construction, which they have shown “plays a fundamental role in the evolution and future of the sector, offering a sustainable and quality solution , without limits to innovation and architectural design to reduce delivery times and professionalize the workforce. “

Wallex was born in September 2020 from the union of the effort, vision and experience of Grupo Avintia and CEMEX, a global construction materials company.

With their creation, both entities seek to promote industrialized building in Spain, thus responding to the main challenges of the industry: simplifying processes, reducing delivery times, saving costs, improving the quality of homes, optimizing control of the production and assembly, boost skilled workforce and, above all, reduce the environmental footprint.

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