NewsLa Rioja Understands That Anti-Covid Protocol In Schools Will Have To Be...

La Rioja Understands That Anti-Covid Protocol In Schools Will Have To Be Made More Flexible

The Minister of Education, Pedro Uruñuela, has understood today that the anti-Covid protocol will have to be “made more flexible” in “schools” and this has been transferred to the Ministry of Health.

Uruñuela, in statements to the media, has pointed out how there is “a piece of information” that he has raised with Health , and that he has seen as “important” and it is the fact that “the boys at school do not mix, but then They go out and are in sports and extracurricular activities and in them they are mixing “.

For this reason, he has asked that the rules be “revised” and has understood that “the protocol of action will have to be made more flexible, and soon . ” However, he added that in Education they follow “the instructions set by Health and Health, in turn, it follows what is decided in the interterritorial”.

“I do not want to be Isabel Díaz Ayuso and make decisions on my own, far from it but the other way around, you have to make them together,” he said, smiling.

Specifically, he has indicated that when he talks about “making the measures more flexible” he refers to the possibility, for example, of mixing in the yard, but not to the mask: “Everything indicates that the mask will be the last measure to be removed. , but what Health and Health tell me, “he added.

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