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Social Security Service For People In Suspense Due To A Permanent Disability Pension

The process of resolving a permanent disability pension can take several months, so that the citizen who requests it can be exposed to waiting periods in which it never hurts what is the current status of that request.

Social Security, which ultimately is in charge of deciding whether disability pensions are granted or not (as well as managing them once they have been recognized), makes a consultation tool available to aspiring pensioners on its website .

If the citizen goes to the section ‘ My administrative files ‘ ( available at this link ), he will be able to consult “the information on the status of processing of the procedures that he has open”. Among these procedures is, of course, the application for a permanent disability pension.

In order to enjoy this service, explains the Social Security, it is necessary to have a digital certificate, which can be obtained easily in four steps .

For this reason, due to the difficulties that its use may entail in some cases and to help other workers who do not have the certificate, Social Security has another service available to be able to check the status of an application for a permanent disability pension.

Thus, using the ‘Your Social Security’ platform, citizens will be able to access the service ‘ How is my benefit going? ‘, which is aimed at people who have an application process open for a benefit and which allows you to see the current status of the request, check the number of phases it has gone through, as well as review the requests that have already been resolved .

To do so, you must enter ‘Your Social Security’ from this link with digital certificate, Cl @ ve PIN or username + password. Then, you have to click on the ‘Your data’ section in the upper section and there, within the options that appear on the right, select the ‘Management’ category.

How long does it take to grant a permanent disability pension?
Although the process can be delayed in different cases (after all, it is a meticulous system that tries to determine how an illness or disease affects the worker’s daily and work life), the truth is that, by law, the Social Security has a deadline to make a decision.

This period is 135 business days , discounting weekends and holidays. During all this time, the citizen will have to face different phases (among them, the dreaded medical court), but will have the tools of Social Security to be able to be aware of this process.

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