NewsVox Celebrates That European Commission Is Right Again And Supports 'Parental Pin'

Vox Celebrates That European Commission Is Right Again And Supports ‘Parental Pin’

Vox Murcia has celebrated that, “once again”, the European Commission gives him the “reason” and “supports” the decision of this party to respect the ‘parental pin’ in the classrooms of the Region.

“That is why the PSOE complaint in which it stated that access to education in sexual and affective matters was restricted,” according to sources from this political formation in a statement.

“Article 27.3 of the Constitution defends that parents can educate their children according to their convictions,” recalled the provincial president of Vox, José Ángel Antelo, who has defended that “parents have the right to freely choose an education free of the ideological indoctrination of the left “.

Likewise, Antelo has reproached the president of the regional government, Fernando López Miras, for his “cowardice” in carrying out “a decaffeinated ‘popular pin’ that” has nothing to do with the commitment carried out with Vox to approve the General Budgets of the Autonomous Community of 2020 “.

“We demand that the regional government implement the ‘parental pin’ in its entirety,” according to Antelo. In addition, the national deputy of Vox Joaquín Robles will present in Congress initiatives to eliminate the ideology of the Government from the curricula.

In this sense, Vox has recalled that the ‘parental pin’ “is an initiative that will prevent the Government from ‘progressing’ to mold minors with their sectarianism, thus establishing an express authorization of families for the participation of minors in complementary activities with content of ethical, social, civic, moral or sexual values ​​”.

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