NewsThe Acor Cooperative Earns 2.5 Million And Consolidates Its Recovery

The Acor Cooperative Earns 2.5 Million And Consolidates Its Recovery

Acor, the main beet cooperative in our country, consolidates its recovery. The Valladolid company obtains a positive result for the second consecutive year after two campaigns in which the red numbers stained its accounts.

The cooperative has achieved a profit of 2.5 million euros in the financial year 2020-21, 47% less than in the previous season (4.8 million) but in which it has not been necessary to resort to divestments to save You count it as it happened last year.

And that despite the fact that the business has not been oblivious to the context of the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19 and that, in the sector, it has meant a general drop in consumption and a recovery in Community sugar prices slower than expected. .

With the international markets for raw materials altered throughout the year and the price of oil at minimum, this result allows its partners to guarantee a price of 42 euros per ton of standard beet .

The balance for the year, which will be put to a vote at the general assembly of delegates on December 2, includes a turnover of 129.3 million euros , 2.5% more. This result is mainly due to an 8.2% increase in the average sale price of sugar (22% more than in 2018-19), although the recovery in the price has been slower than expected.

For the president of Acor, Jesús Posadas, this result reinforces the stage of stability in which the cooperative finds itself after overcoming a “very complex scenario, with a lot of volatility in the markets and constant ups and downs due to the pandemic.” “These accounts ratify the consolidation of our cooperative project, which will turn 60 next year and which faces great challenges to further increase our efficiency and promote sustainability with a decrease in our dependence on gas,” he adds.

Factory yields
The 2020-21 beet campaign, lasting 103 days, has been characterized by a high quality beet with a high yield in the factory. Thus, the cooperative has obtained 159,066 tons of sugar from 1,032,897 tons of physical beet, with an average grinding rate of 10,028 tons per day, 800 tons per day more than during the previous season.

The volatility of the markets has affected all raw materials , logically also other products managed by the Cooperative, such as vegetable oil and oilseed meals. The crisis has reduced the price and consumption of biofuels, to which rapeseed oil is mainly destined, and in the food sector, the low activity of the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and cafeterias) has reduced Olmedo’s activity and sales of sunflower oil.

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