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This Mobile Endures Everything They Throw At It, We Tested The Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy is the company’s new ‘rugged’ mobile, designed to be used in the most difficult situations.

One of the big complaints that users have with modern smartphones is that they are too fragile , especially among those who were able to enjoy the ‘bricks’ that did not break or want to. The use of more advanced components and higher quality materials such as glass has had an impact on the resistance of the devices.

There are exceptions, of course. There will always be demand for rugged phones, whether for workers or enthusiasts, and there are companies willing to answer it like Motorola. Your new Defy is one of today’s toughest mobile devices , but is it worth it?

That the Motorola Defy is different from the vast majority of mobiles on the market is something more than evident as soon as we pick it up. In the hand, it gives a somewhat strange feeling, as if we were taking a block of cement and not a high-tech device; the buttons are sturdy and the ergonomics are good, even if it is a larger phone than it should be due to the size of the screen.

This strange sensation is explained, in addition to the great thickness of the device, by the relief of the casing. It not only fulfills an aesthetic role, immediately differentiating it from other mobiles, but also functional, since it prevents the mobile from slipping out of our hands, improving grip. On the back we also have a reminder of what makes this mobile special: “Dust. Water. Drop. PROOF”.

In other words, this mobile is proof of everything. Did you fall into the river while you were crossing it? Take it and keep using it, thanks to its double seal that offers IP68 certification : it is capable of remaining up to 1.5 meters deep for 35 minutes, although if it falls into salt water we must make sure to clean the 3.5 audio jack mm and the USB-C port. It would have been nice to have some protection on those connections, but generally, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Defy’s design is also somewhat odd because it is asymmetrical , with a “spike” at the bottom right; Although aesthetically it is something rare, it is there for a good reason, to hook the mobile to the cord included in the box, which in turn we can tie and roll anywhere like our wrist and thus avoid losing it even in the worst situations. And even if it falls, it is capable of withstanding blows up to a height of 1.8 meters.

Other advantages of the Defy are not appreciated with the naked eye, but they will help us in daily use. For example, this mobile is particularly resistant to vibrations, one of the ‘hidden problems’ of modern smartphones. Not surprisingly, Apple recently warned users that vibrations from motorcycles could damage the iPhone. To avoid these problems, for example if we use the mobile while we are cycling, the Defy is capable of withstanding vibrations of up to 500 hz, MIL SPEC 810H and category 4.

It is also a mobile that will work regardless of the weather. Many people don’t realize it until it’s too late, but mobiles don’t feel very good about extreme temperature changes; The Defy, on the other hand, supports transfers between -30 ° C and 75 ° C without problems, something useful in the middle of snowfall when we return to a hot place.

Complete, but with limitations
For maximum security, the Defy has a fingerprint reader on the rear, right on the Motorola logo. It’s relatively fast, although it’s easy to put your finger on top of the rear cameras since they’re right on top. Still, the position is natural and the vibration helps us find the right place.

I also liked the inclusion of an additional button on the right side, with the power button and the volume buttons. Unlike other mobiles, Motorola allows us to configure this button for whatever we want, becoming a quick access to basic functions such as the flashlight; We have three options: press it once to activate voice recognition, press it twice or a long press, and in the latter two cases we can customize the actions.

In the opposite spectrum we have the 6.5-inch screen that, honestly, is not very good even if we take into account everything we have said about the resistance. I could overlook the low resolution (720p) and the treatment of colors, more typical of a low-end model; but I cannot forgive the low brightness , on a mobile that is designed to be used outside.

Even if we turn it up to the maximum, it may not be enough in situations of maximum brightness. We also have to support large edges, especially in the lower part, while in the upper part we have a front camera with a ‘notch’ or notch in the shape of a drop instead of a hole.

It is evident that Motorola has cut expenses in everything with regard to the screen, to be able to invest them in the most important aspects of a ‘rugged’ and resistant mobile. It can’t boast much power either, with a Snapdragon 662 that’s going to be two years old shortly and it shows, with scores of 314 points on one core and 1367 points on multicore in Geekbench 5, although at least it shouldn’t give us a problem with a basic use. On the other hand, I cannot excuse launching a new mobile in 2021 with Android 10, and it makes me wonder what the support will be like in the years to come.

The cameras comply, but I think they are sabotaged by algorithms that act too much. The main sensor is 48 MP and aperture f / 1.8 and although on paper that should give good results, in practice the photos come out with a marked ‘watercolor effect’, as if they were painted or blurred in some elements, so many details are lost. We don’t have a wide-angle sensor, but we do have a macro sensor that doesn’t really help much due to its low resolution of 2 MP; It is something that I do not understand, because this mobile will be used outdoors, which is where we want to capture landscapes and large environments, where a wide angle would be much more useful.

Where the Defy stands out the most is in the battery . Motorola promises two days of duration on a single charge, and the truth is that in my tests it has come very close; Obviously, it all depends on how we use it, but it shouldn’t leave us stranded. Supports fast charging up to 20W with the adapter included in the box.

It fulfills a function, and it fulfills it well
The Motorola Defy is a mobile specialized in a task, and in that sense, I can say that it more than fulfills it. It is resistant, and offers us the security that we look for when we are in difficult environments; In that sense, we really cannot ask for more and the figures presented by Motorola are what will really attract you to this mobile.

But Defy is only recommended if endurance is your top priority; it lags far behind other models for the same price. And is that this Motorola Defy costs 329.99 euros , and for that amount we can get leading phones with very good hardware; but of course, most will break instantly just suffering what this Defy is able to endure without even trying.

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