NewsMañueco Emphasizes That The Presence Of Women In Leadership Positions Favors Competitiveness

Mañueco Emphasizes That The Presence Of Women In Leadership Positions Favors Competitiveness

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, stressed this Thursday that the presence of women in leadership positions in companies “favors competitiveness, helps modernize their management and allows progress towards the future.”

Mañueco spoke these words during the ceremony for the 1st AMMDE Agrifood and Industry Awards granted by the Multisectoral Association of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs and which was held at the CEOE Valladolid headquarters, reports Ep.

“Only from equality does the talent and potential of people shine in all its magnitude , ” stressed the head of the regional Executive during his speech.

Fernández Mañueco stressed that for the Junta de Castilla y León “it is key” to advance in equal opportunities, because “only with equal employment will there be an equal society”. In this sense, he has highlighted the different plans or programs that the Autonomous Administration promotes to advance in this direction, as well as in joint responsibility and fostering the talent of women.

It has also added, to develop equality plans in companies and close gender gaps, to hire equality and conciliation agents, as well as to promote senior management with a gender perspective, as is being done by CEOE -Castile and León.

In addition, Fernández Mañueco has highlighted among the actions those that are carried out focused on companies betting on female talent, such as the recognition of the increasing number of companies committed to this cause. Thus, he recalled that alliances have already been reached to promote progress in large firms and has encouraged more companies to join.

Free, equal and self-sufficient
“We want free, equal and self-sufficient women who can develop their capacities in all areas and who do not see their professional career slowed down by their family responsibilities,” defended the Chairman of the Board.

The President of the Board recalled that the female unemployment rate in Castilla y León is two points lower than the national one, although he has acknowledged that “there is still progress to be made.” In addition, he highlighted the promotion carried out in the agri-food sector, for example, with tax reductions in the rural world for families and companies, to which will be added the 40 percent increase in the deduction for birth or adoption in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants, the reduction of the Property Transfer Tax for companies that establish themselves in rural areas and the reduction of the purchase and rental of priority agricultural operations and rustic properties.

Fernández Mañueco has valued the delivery of these awards to two “essential” women for a strategic sector for Castilla y León such as agribusiness and has highlighted the work in favor of equality and for disseminating examples of the talent of women who carry out the Multisectoral Association of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs.

The award ceremony was also attended by the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, who thanked the choice of his city as the venue for the delivery of these awards that recognize “something as plausible” as overcoming barriers on the part of female executives, although she has recognized that her presence at the head of companies “is still insufficient” and “there is still a long way to go” to “break that glass ceiling”.

The visibility of female talent and the recognition of leading women such as those awarded this Thursday in a sector “as important for this land as the agri-food industry” have also been a reason for praise for the councilor.

For his part, the president of the Provincial Council, Conrado Íscar, has recognized that ” if the world turns, it is thanks to women” , which has especially extended to the case of the rural world, where he has defended women as those responsible to fix population in the towns.

Íscar has praised these awards for recognizing the role of women in the company and doing so in the agri-food sector, the main industry linked to rural areas, for which he has offered the support of the institution that presides over the Multisectoral Association of Executive Women and Businesswomen.

Make female talent visible
These national awards, which have the support of CaixaBank and Alimentos de Valladolid and which are created with the purpose of making female talent visible and highlighting the trajectory of those women with an outstanding career in their field, are awarded throughout the year in various fields and distinguishing the categories of ‘Referential Woman’ and ‘Professional Career’.

The president of CEOE Valladolid, Ángela de Miguel, has been in charge of welcoming and leading this event, in which the national president of AMMDE, Irene Navarro Álvarez, and the territorial director of CaixaBank in Castilla y León, have also participated. Belén Martín. Likewise, the councilors of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Jesús Julio Carnero, and of Family and Equal Opportunities, Isabel Blanco, have attended the delivery.

Navarro Álvarez has blamed the “commitment” of Ángela de Miguel and the director of AMMDE de Agroalimentario, Mar Fuertes Quintanilla, that the association has chosen Valladolid for the delivery of these awards.

The awards -which Fernández Mañueco has delivered accompanied by Irene Navarro and Mar Fuertes Quintanilla-, have gone to Sonia Pascual Gómez-Cuétara, in the category of ‘Referential Woman’ , who has asked to return to healthy habits, and Beatriz Escudero Rubio in that of ‘Professional Career’ , which has vindicated the value that being a mother brings when it comes to being a businesswoman, as well as the importance of not neglecting the rural environment.

Sonia Pascual Gómez-Cuétara holds the position of director of the Pascual Corporation and is secretary of the Family and Administration councils of the corporation, constituted as a result of the preparation of the Family Protocol, as well as a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of directors.

For her part, Beatriz Escudero Rubio’s professional career began linked to the tourism sector, although in 2006 she embarked on a new family project, Pharmadus Botanicals. Then began a stage in which tradition and innovation in the world of medicinal plants in infused.

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