NewsBiden Does Not Invite Spain To A Virtual Cybercrime Summit

Biden Does Not Invite Spain To A Virtual Cybercrime Summit

Spain was not invited to a virtual summit convened by Washington on cybercrime held on Wednesday where Russia was also conspicuous by its absence . The White House summoned 30 countries and the EU . Within the community family, countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Poland were summoned individually, unlike Spain.

A digital “catastrophe” in Germany, escalating attacks in the United Arab Emirates, or an ongoing offensive in Israel – participants revealed their struggles against cyber extortionists on Wednesday. The goal of the US was to improve improve cooperation against these costly and disruptive attacks that multiply in the world.

From the outset, Yigal Unna, head of Israel’s National Cyber ​​Directorate , reported on the latest incident. “I can now reveal that Israel is experiencing, as we speak, a powerful cyberattack for extortion purposes against one of its main hospitals,” he said.

According to the experiences raised in the forum, the threat is widespread and growing .

Germany recalled that this summer, for the first time, a local government in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district in the east declared a state of “cyber disaster” after being hit by an extortionate cyber attack .

Attacks on businesses
The United States has also been the victim, especially in the first half of 2021, of numerous extortion cyberattacks against businesses.

These attacks involve the violation of an entity’s networks to encrypt its data , and then the request for a ransom, usually in cryptocurrencies, in exchange for the key to decrypt it.

“We are talking about … an increase of about 70% in one year in South Korea, 200% in the UAE (United Arab Emirates),” said Anne Neuberger, US Deputy National Security Adviser for Cyberspace. .

The attacks on hospitals in Ireland and the Czech Republic as well as severe disruptions of maritime infrastructure in South Africa were among the experiences narrated.

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