NewsCash Offers 1.4% With Its Dividend, Waiting For Its Parent Company, Prosegur

Cash Offers 1.4% With Its Dividend, Waiting For Its Parent Company, Prosegur

Prosegur Cash has confirmed its next dividend this Thursday, of 0.010 euros per share, which it will distribute on October 14. The deadline to put the value in the portfolio is Monday, the 11th (the 12th will be listed without the right to collect it). This is the fourth and last dividend on account of the results of 2020. Check here the calendar of the next dividends.

At current prices, that amount offers a return of 1.4%, inflated by the collapse suffered by the value on the floor, which is around 26% since the middle of last June. Prosegur’s cash subsidiary went public in March 2017 and since then 60% of its value has been left on the market. As of today, its capitalization is close to 1,190 million euros, 23% below that of its parent company .

During a good part of its stock market trajectory, the company dedicated to the transport of money has displayed a buy recommendation by the analysts of the consensus that FactSet collects, which it maintains to this day. This recommendation was also maintained throughout the year 2020, marked by Covid-19.

No date for the matrix
Guaranteed, like its subsidiary, by a purchase advice from analysts, the security group Prosegur arrives at its payment for the month of October. The company usually pays its shareholders four times a year (in January, April, July and October), so this would be the last dividend, and the complementary one, charged to the result of 2020.

The date of the delivery, which is expected to amount to 0.031 euros, the same as the previous three. In total, including this October, the group -which is one of the members of the EcoDividendo, see information below- will have paid 0.124 euros per share with last year’s profit. The figure is 6% below what was distributed the previous year (in fiscal 2020, its profits fell 57%).

In 2020, Prosegur applied a new remuneration formula, until then non-existent on the Spanish stock market , to deliver the second dividend in shares out of 2019 without having to increase capital. Instead of opting for the scrip divide d formula (which consists of rewarding the investor with new shares, the result of an increase), he resorted to payment in kind, using his treasury stock. And for next year, the market expects Prosegur to raise the amount of its annual dividend by 2.4%, to 0.127 euros, according to Bloomberg .

Dates to watch
A good handful of fall dividends have already been confirmed by the companies. Among them, that of Iberpapel, which on October 21 will deliver 0.25 euros per title, which yield 1.3%. November 2 is the key date for two highly anticipated dividends: that of Inditex , for 0.35 euros, which allows the investor to pocket 1.1%; and that of Santander , which amounts to 0.049 euros per share and which yields 1.45% (see calendars to the right of these lines).

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