Economics'The Portfolio' Protects The Profits In Sacyr, IAG And Banco Santander

‘The Portfolio’ Protects The Profits In Sacyr, IAG And Banco Santander

It is as important not to lose as it is to protect what you have gained. And that is what La Cartera de elEconomista is now trying to do , the active management tool proposed by this medium. Until now, only one of the nine open strategies had a profit protection stop . This was IAG, where, after the strong rebound after its purchase, a return of 12% was protected by placing its exit level at 1.85 euros.

The rises in the stock market have continued to drive this stock to raise higher profits for the portfolio and it has already reached a profitability of almost 30% since its purchase. Therefore, La Cartera has decided to raise this stop to 2 euros, which will protect a minimum profitability of 21% from its acquisition.

It is not the only new stop profit to be placed in portfolio strategies. Also at Sacyr, where a little more than 13% is already being earned, an output level will be set to safeguard a gain of 5%.

This level stands at 2.14 euros and comes after the company has celebrated Investor Day, at which time it has propped up its forecasts and confirmed its objectives for the strategic plan. This announcement has been well received in the market since in just two sessions its securities have appreciated more than 7%, trading already at May highs.

Finally, a stop profit will also be placed in Santander. It will be the third that is put in this company, which has already given capital gains on two occasions (a total of 1,180 euros). On this occasion, earnings of 6.7% will be protected by setting the sale price at 3.15 euros (it was bought at 2.95 euros on September 20).

However, confidence in Santander goes further as it has the best recommendation in the sector in Spain. It is already trading at June highs and the consensus of analysts gathered by Bloomberg believes that it may continue to advance to 3.7 euros in the coming months, which would imply an additional 10% rebound from current levels. In addition, the next dividend will be charged, in November , of 0.0485 euros (1.4% return).

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