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PP Aragón Believes That It Is Not A Time For Strategies But For Management

The president of the PP in Aragon, Luis María Beamonte, has ruled out that his party participates in a renewal of the Aragonese Strategy for Economic and Social Recovery, which the president of the autonomous community, the socialist Javier Lambán, wants to promote, since time of the documents “has passed, it is time for management”, for economic policy and “to respond to the effort made by society as a whole.”

Speaking to the media, after meeting with President Lambán, in his office in the Pignatelli Building, headquarters of the regional Executive, Beamonte has shown his willingness to have a “sincere and clean dialogue” to discuss issues of general interest to Aragon , but “they will not find us in any photo for publicity or exaltation of the government.”

In addition, he has affirmed that there are approaches “that are not possible and less with extreme left parties very far from ours”, as Podemos has said. Likewise, he has estimated that renewing the Strategy now “is useless”, when “they must have the Budget of the autonomous community for 2022 well prepared.”

At this point, Beamonte has argued that if the Government wants agreements, that it study their proposals for the budgets, but has rejected the “frills, the loss of time” or actions “that cancel the work of the opposition”, which is what It is intended with this renewal and what “in part” was done when that document was signed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In his view, “we are no longer experiencing this exceptional situation”, in addition to the fact that the Strategy “was used incorrectly to try to silence the opposition and we are not going to fall into that situation again.”

Beamonte has emphasized that now “we are living another moment”, the strategy “was overcome” by the pandemic, which has lasted longer than expected then, a time in which the PP has asked for its review “on many occasions “, but” there has been no willingness to dialogue on the part of the Government for that, “they have not wanted to count on the PP.”

The leader of the Aragonese ‘popular’ has added that if Lambán “wants to talk about what is important, we will be there because we are the main opposition force” and the polls have given the PP the legitimacy to assume that role. “We cannot renounce that”, but “we are not going to participate according to what formations in sterile debates and in approaches in which we will never agree,” he warned.

Economic policy
Luis María Beamonte has estimated that the review proposed by the regional president is a “political strategy”, but “not for Aragon”, but for the benefit of the Government, when, in his opinion, it is time “for management and economic policy measures that reactivates the autonomous community “.

Likewise, it has continued, it has to face the “ups and downs” that are taking place, caused by the lack and increase in price of raw materials, the high price of fuel and electricity, “which are weighing down the competitiveness of the fabric productive in all its orders “, something that should” make the government reflect “and promote an economic policy that has been” stalled for a long time. “

The president of the PP Aragon has also mentioned the “serious problem” in the automotive sector, has indicated that in 2020 5,600 micro-businesses have been closed and in 2021, 1,200. For this reason, he has defended an “adequate” fiscal policy because “we cannot let the productive fabric fall.”

“We are not going to refuse to talk about the lifting of restrictions,” which is necessary at once, “on taxation, budgets and aid to families, SMEs and the self-employed,” added Beamonte.

Likewise, he has raised the need to have a health plan, which coordinates primary, hospital and social health care, and an infrastructure plan for Aragon “to know where to move forward, regardless of the field of competence”, as well as how promote the pact for science signed in the autonomous community, the development of the Water Pact and give an “adequate treatment” to the rural world.

Beamonte has referred to other issues, such as the 4,700 files “blocked” in the Aragonese Institute of Environmental Management (INAGA), “which are productive activities that they want to start up” or aid to the hotel industry and other sectors affected by the pandemic, to whom “not even a euro has reached”, as well as support for the primary sector and extensive livestock in the face of wolf attacks.

“We have important things to work on”, but the Government of Aragon has been characterized by “obscurantism” in the management of European funds, with respect to which there has been no will “to give us any information” which denotes ” the little will “of the Executive, which has allocated the European Union’s recovery and resilience funds to” plug holes “in education, health and other areas, Beamonte said.

Projects for Calviño
The president of the PP Aragón has asked Lambán about what three projects he is going to present to the first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, who has given the regional presidents a period of 15 days to raise them in order to receive European funding.

“We are in discount time,” stressed the ‘popular’ leader, who has wondered what will happen to the remaining 326 in which the regional Executive has been working together with the business fabric and other entities. Beamonte has mentioned projects such as electric batteries, the connection of ski resorts or railway communities, “fundamental for the development of our land.”

He has also estimated that the Government of Aragon is “exhausted, disheartened, got together for interests and is stumbling” and has shown himself willing to talk to Lambán about everything, “except for matters with the intention of political profitability or convenience. talk to your government partners “, with whom” you have quite a few disagreements and those who are waiting for you to set your strategy “from now until the elections.

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