LegalBilbao Court Condemns Del Olmo For Stealing Iberdrola Invoices

Bilbao Court Condemns Del Olmo For Stealing Iberdrola Invoices

The Commercial Court number 1 of Bilbao has sentenced the former Iberdrola director, José Antonio del Olmo, for the theft of bills from the electricity company to use them for his own benefit and will force him to return them to the company, to pay for the publication of the sentence with the same relevance that had its illicit disclosure and to pay the costs of the procedure.

According to the ruling, Del Olmo took documents in relation to the payments of the companies for the services provided by Kroll, K2 Global, Clavenna and Amidatest as well as the allowances and salaries of the members of the Andalusian advisory council.

The sentence ensures that Del Olmo stole the invoices with the aim, not to report anything, but to keep them in an envelope in a notary’s office for more than 14 years, so his conduct is not justifiable.

The former controller of Iberdrola indicated in court that when he retired in 2016, he destroyed those copies, except for some of them that he kept (“I only kept a few ?? everything related to the Security Directorate, Florentine issue? ? “) and took them out of the company headquarters (” I’ll keep them at home “). He also acknowledges having notarized invoices (“I took them notarized in 2004 ?? with two other people”). He says he did it for his safety (since they were invoices in which he had intervened) and to comply with Justice.

Del Olmo leaked copies of the invoices to a communication medium, thus committing a crime of revealing secrets, and only took the invoices from Luis Ramallo’s notary when the prosecutors, once they saw them published in that medium, demanded it.

The defendant is also being investigated in two ongoing criminal proceedings for the leakage of confidential invoices (those for payment to the Cenit and Casesa companies).

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