AutomotiveWhat Is V-27 Signal For, Which Will Be Mandatory In All Vehicles

What Is V-27 Signal For, Which Will Be Mandatory In All Vehicles

In the process of regulating all aspects of the new Traffic Law , the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has seen how these days the Congress of Deputies gave the go-ahead to one of the new road signs. The V-27 , which will act in emergency situations in order to reduce road hazards.

The DGT has set out to improve the entire Spanish road safety system and for this reason, over the last few months, it has advanced some of its innovative updates. From an application that helps road operators to new systems to respect speed limits , one of the most groundbreaking measures is the entry into force of the V-16 light that will replace the warning triangles.

Already on sale and available in the newest vehicles, by January 1, 2026 the triangles will be completely prohibited, allowing only this light that is placed on the hood of a car to be used, as if it were the light of the secret police . And this is where one more novelty of this device is included, it will include the V-27 signal to offer a more complete system.

The main characteristic of the V-27 is that it consists of a telematic signal
A virtual callsign , here its main feature, which is activated once the V-16 light starts working. By sending a signal to the rest of the vehicles that pass on the same road as the damaged vehicle that has activated the emergency light, they have prior notice of the incident they may encounter.

In other words, a system to keep the actors on a road on notice, indicating the location of an upcoming emergency on the on-board system . In addition, it is already mandatory for all new vehicles, as well as the DGT plan is for it to be fully implemented by 2026.

In this way, it will complement the new emergency light with innovative technology while anticipating a new generation of vehicle safety . Everything to follow the path towards zero traffic accident victims that the European Union has set for itself by 2050.

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