NewsA New Promotion Of Bank Homes Goes On Sale

A New Promotion Of Bank Homes Goes On Sale

The Idealista real estate portal has echoed the sale of several real estate promotions from banks. Specifically, 211 that add up to a total of up to 1,000 homes. Aliseda real estate is the one that is marketing the properties.

This new development has new construction homes that are sold for less than 50,000 euros. Specifically, there are up to 100 flats in the provinces of Toledo (Cebolla, Mascaraque, Calera y Chozas and Ocaña), Guadalajara (Brihuega) and Ávila (Arenas de San Pedro and El Hoyo de Pinares). There are also options in the provinces of Castellón (Sant Joan de Moró and La Llosa), Valencia (Montroy) Lugo (Viveiro, Paradela and Foz) and A Coruña (Narón).

However, the supply of 1,000 homes is distributed throughout the geography. Thus, there are properties in the provinces of Asturias, Almería, Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Ávila, Castellón, La Rioja. And, in addition, the offer includes a luxury property in Vallehermoso, Madrid. It is a duplex of 221 square meters that has three bedrooms and is sold for 1,680,150 euros.

What to consider before buying a bank floor
In a context of crisis after the economic stoppage caused by the confinement by the coronavirus, some banks opted to sell the apartments they have in their portfolio at prices that, according to their announcements, have a 70% discount. However, the comparator HelpMyCash explains that you have to have a series of precautions before acquiring properties like this.

  1. Is it really an offer? The first tip is to check that this discount is real. Behind the offers of the banks can hide properties that have been devalued in recent times. An example is recurrent: with the financial crisis, banks received many flats for defaults on mortgages that were offered at prices much higher than the current ones. For this reason, from HelpMyCash they advise comparing the apartment with others with similar characteristics in order to know if there is a makeup operation after that discount.
  2. Check for possible damage . Another reason that can help understand the low price of a property is its current condition. There is the possibility that, after an affordable amount, there are damages that the buyer later has to assume, which would raise the cost of the home. Over the years, hypothetical occupations or damages of the last owners, the repairs would reduce, in practice, that reduction announced by the bank.

Thus, it is advisable to visit the apartment to make sure that it has no damage or, if it does, that it is not too serious to make the purchase worthwhile. In the same way, it is urged to ask the banks for the documents that prove that the apartment does not have economic charges of any kind, such as unpaid bills or taxes.

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