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Alibérico Will Invest More Than 42 Million Euros In A Circular Economy Project In Sabiñánigo

The Alibérico business group will invest 42.3 million euros until 2023 in a circular economy project at the plant that Iberfoil has in Sabiñánigo (Huesca).

This investment includes the installation of a new factory, of more than 45,000 square meters, for the recovery of scrap metal, smelting it and manufacturing coils. This facility will be located in the vicinity of Iberfoil, where 110 direct employees already work, which was purchased from Alcoa in 2018.

This project guarantees the maintenance of Iberfoil’s current thin sheet lamination plant in Sabiñánigo, while it will lead to the creation of 40 new jobs in the first phase, reaching more than 75 direct jobs in the second phase, and a total of 400 indirect positions.

The president of the group himself, Clemente González Soler, explained that this investment is being made in view of the concern for the supply of raw materials since, in his opinion, “the industry will become more and more local and less global.”

The investment, which is included in the project called Iberfoil Integra, includes the manufacture of aluminum coils from continuous castings of liquid aluminum. Production until 2023 will reach 25,000 tons per year, while, in a second phase, which will last between 2024 and 2026, a production of 50,000 tons per year will be achieved.

In this circular economy project, 25,000 tons per year of primary aluminum from Alcoa San Ciprián will be replaced by 25,000 tons of aluminum scrap recovered from its own national market in a first phase that will last until 2023.

In this way, Iberfoil guarantees the independence and guarantee of the supply of aluminum as a raw material, the optimization and management of waste in all manufacturing processes, as well as a 45% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) to obtain of raw material. Similarly, aluminum recycling will increase exponentially in Spain.

Hydrogen furnaces
In addition, the new furnaces of the Iberfoil Integra project are already prepared to work 15% with hydrogen as fuel and the idea is that 100% can operate with this technology.

The new factory for scrap recovery, smelting and manufacturing of 6-millimeter-thick coils from continuous casting.

In the new plant, scrap from Iberfoil and from the other plants of Alibérico and its clients in Spain will be recovered by smelting them in five furnaces (one rotary, two melters and two maintainers), manufacturing liquid aluminum that will feed two continuous casting lines that will manufacture 25,000 tons of coils per year.

On the other hand, González Soler has pointed out that the collaboration and supply agreements signed with Aludium Amorebieta, the main supplier of raw material for the company, will be maintained.

This project, which has the support of the Government of Aragon, has been presented to the Ministers of Energy Transition, Teresa Ribera, and Industry, Reyes Maroto, and hopes to receive aid from European funds.

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