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Council Of Ministers Will Approve Tomorrow The Increase In Minimum Wage To 965 Euros

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, confirmed this Monday that the Council of Ministers will approve tomorrow the increase in the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) by 15 euros per month agreed with CCOO and UGT.

“With this rise, what we are doing is following the path so that in 2023 we can have an SMI of 60% of the average salary, as established by the European Social Charter,” the president stressed during a conference on the future of work held at the Botín Center of Santander.

On September 16, the Government and the trade union organizations CCOO and UGT reached an agreement to increase the SMI by 15 euros, to 965 euros per month in fourteen payments, with effect from September 1 of this year.

“In 2018 we started from a minimum wage of 735 euros and in 2021, after this rise, it will be 965. We are talking about 230 euros of rise in just three years and with a pandemic in between,” he recalled.

“Without cohesion there is no development,” Sánchez stressed, referring to the reduction of social, gender, territorial and intergenerational gaps. “Continuing to advance in raising the Minimum Interprofessional Salary is not only a matter of social justice and dignity but of undoubted economic benefit,” he stressed to recall, in addition, that the Minimum Living Income already protects “more than 800,000 compatriots.”

Agreement without the employer
The business organizations CEOE and Cepyme were dropped from the agreement, and they believe that it is not the time to raise the minimum wage given that the Spanish economy is in the early stages of recovery and job creation could be damaged.

The 15 euros in which the SMI will rise from September 1 will be within the range of the recommendations of the expert committee that analyzed the path through which this minimum income should travel to comply with the Executive’s commitment to bring it to 60% of the median salary in 2023.

The opening session of this day, organized by the National Office of Prospecting and Strategy, is attended by the second vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz; the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla; the mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, and the president of the Botín Foundation, Javier Botín.

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