EducationUC3M, Second Best Spanish University According To U-Multirank 2021

UC3M, Second Best Spanish University According To U-Multirank 2021

The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) improves its rating and is among the three best higher education centers in Spain for its number of high performance indicators, according to the latest report from the U-Multirank, an international ranking of universities promoted by the European Union (EU).

This ranking, which analyzes data from 79 Spanish public and private universities, assesses the performance of institutions in five dimensions: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and contribution to regional development. In this framework, it compares the performance of universities through 36 indicators and classifies them in a ranking that goes from “A” (very good) to “E” (bad).

In this eighth edition of the U-Multirank, the UC3M has obtained the maximum rating of very good performance in 13 indicators (5 more than last year), equaled by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and only behind the Pompeu Fabra University. In addition, UC3M has obtained a good performance rating in other 8 indicators.

The UC3M stands out in this classification especially in two dimensions : first, in the transfer of knowledge (where aspects such as scientific publications with industrial partners, the raising of private funds or patents with companies, for example); secondly, in the international orientation (where aspects such as the mobility of students and teachers, foreign language qualifications or international doctorates, for example) are evaluated.

This international ranking includes results from 1,945 universities in 96 countries around the world and analyzes more than 12,000 study programs in 30 different subjects. Based on empirical data, the U-Multirank compares institutions with similar profiles and allows the user to create personalized rankings by selecting the indicators according to their interests and priorities. The data included in U-Multirank comes from various sources: the institutions themselves, international bibliometric and patent databases, ministries and surveys of more than 100,000 students from the participating universities.

The U-Multirank, promoted by the European Commission, has the support of the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Erasmus + program of the EU and Grupo Santander. It is developed through an independent consortium led by the German Center for Higher Education (CHE), the Center for the Study of Higher Education Policy (CHEPS) at the University of Twente, the Center for Science and Technology Studies ( CWTS) of the University of Leiden (both in the Netherlands) and the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD) in Spain.

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