NewsWhat Differences Are There Between Mobile And Fixed Manufactured Homes

What Differences Are There Between Mobile And Fixed Manufactured Homes

The manufactured home sector has been growing significantly in recent years but has seen a major rebound during lockdown. Thus, you can find a great price and profit offer. However, a good classification is to differentiate between fixed and mobile.

Mobile homes: a small home to enjoy on weekends
This may be the prefabricated house concept that you are most used to and its main characteristic is that they can be transported in a unitary way and do not require foundations. Its price is the lowest, up to about 25,000 euros. However, options of 13,000 euros can be found.

It is the type of housing found in campsites, but currently they are coming onto the market as a quick and convenient way to have a small home in a rural area. In fact, it is a type of property that could be put on a rustic floor. However, to enjoy this possibility, self-sufficient prefabricated houses must be purchased, that is, they do not need to be connected to supplies.

Modular prefabricated houses or industrialized construction
Modular homes are part of the fastest growth in the manufactured home industry. More specifically that of industrialized construction, which is the term that encompasses the way in which these houses are built: by modules and from a factory.

The price range for this type of prefab home is highly variable. You can find small houses with a single module for 30,000 euros, up to large residences for 350,000 euros that can function as a habitual residence. The Atlantida Homes company summarized to this medium that this type of construction offers advantages such as:

  • Control of all production processes.
  • Cost closed from the beginning of the project.
  • Shorter execution time, around 4 months turnkey for homes of less than 200 m2.
  • Cost savings.
  • Standardization of processes.
  • Lower carbon footprint and generation of waste.
  • Greater comfort for the client since the construction is done in a factory and not on a plot.

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