EducationClassrooms Of The Future, A New Way Of Learning

Classrooms Of The Future, A New Way Of Learning

The pandemic has forced us to reinvent ourselves as a society in all areas. But, especially in the educational system, which has seen the transition to a new teaching model accelerated in which technology plays an essential role. Although the challenge was not easy, both teachers and students rose to the occasion, making a great effort adapting and transferring the educational activity to digital platforms. Technology played a key role, allowing education to not stop during the months of confinement.

Although the situation is still very changing, the reality is that the digitization of classrooms is a key aspect in today’s education. In a study carried out by the international sustainability platform Quiero and Samsung, they asked primary and secondary school teachers what they think is the role that technology is playing in education today and what it could have in the future. Almost all of the respondents agree that, to be integrated into society, they have to be up-to-date with technological advances. In this sense, more than 80% agree that technology in education can facilitate student learning .

For this reason, at Samsung we have been working for years to improve education through the integration of technology, supporting a methodological change that allows us to adapt teaching to the challenges of 21st century society. Within the framework of our corporate program ‘Technology with Purpose’, we promote initiatives such as Samsung Smart School or the most recent inauguration of ‘Classroom of the future’, both initiatives conceived in order to favor the change towards a new educational model.

In this context, together with the Ministry of Education and Professional Training and through the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) we have presented a space of the network of Classrooms of the Future with a renewed and improved concept, aimed at teacher professional development . These spaces, which will spread throughout the national territory, promote the generalization of active methodologies with the support of digital technologies and the transformation of educational spaces.

The ‘Classroom of the Future’ space aims to help and support teachers to integrate different technologies in the classroom , use active methodologies that favor the development of skills of students, beyond the acquisition of content. In this sense, through a zoned and reconfigurable learning space, divided into six zones: Investigate, Explore, Interact, Develop, Create and Present, the autonomy of the student is stimulated, making him the protagonist of the entire learning process and turning the teacher in a mentor.

At the same time, it is also conceived as a space for reflection for educational managers, providers of ICT resources and teachers, where they can delve into the integration of new technologies in educational reforms. In addition to serving as a reference model for teachers and as an inspiration to promote new educational techniques that favor methodological changes in the learning process.

From Samsung, we provide all the necessary technology to digitize these flexible spaces and promote a change in classrooms, favoring teaching that equips students with skills to face the challenges of the 21st century.

We live in a constantly changing society and education must accompany and adapt to new realities . In this sense, as has been shown in the last year, technology opens up a world of possibilities in the learning process and it is, increasingly, essential to integrate it into new methodologies as a means of facilitating this change.

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