NewsA Total Of 61692 Asturian Schoolchildren Return To Classrooms This Wednesday

A Total Of 61692 Asturian Schoolchildren Return To Classrooms This Wednesday

A total of 61,692 Infant and Primary schoolchildren return to the classrooms this Wednesday, organized in groups with stable coexistence and in safe centers, which have adapted their contingency plans to the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Health has also updated the measures in educational centers according to the criteria agreed by the National Public Health Commission and that take into account scientific evidence, as pointed out by Education in a press release.

The management teams have the protocols ready. They will keep the entrances and exits staggered according to the courses , the itineraries for the movements within the enclosure, the patios divided into sectors for the recesses or the specific organization of the dining room service. They have also appointed the Covid coordinator who will be in contact with the nursing staff for the management of positive cases that can be diagnosed.

The beginning of the course circulars prepared by the Ministry of Education, the general annual programs of the centers themselves and the plans for attention to diversity will include as a priority the attention to students whose educational progress may have been affected by the pandemic. The Inspection Service will also expressly monitor these situations until June.

The Government Council of the Principality has approved two items to provide the Asturian educational system with reinforcement personnel , 11.2 million for public centers and 3.2 million for subsidized schools. “This reinforcement template that is being finalized will have an extraordinary staff of Therapeutic Pedagogy (PT) and Hearing and Language (AL) professionals for Infants and Primary with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable students,” they point out from the Government.

The Principality also has an impact on the provision of extraordinary Covid funds so that the centers can acquire masks to distribute among the staff, hydrogels and CO2 meters. In total, 2.3 million have been provided for the public network and 371,000 for the concerted one.

71.2% of students in public school
The 2021-2022 academic year begins in Asturias with 61,692 students in Infant and Primary, of which 71.2% attend public school. The decline in the birth rate translates into a global loss of 2,237 enrollments compared to the previous year. As a percentage, it represents a drop of 3.5%.

By regions, the decrease is more pronounced in Avilés (-5%), followed by Gijón and Oviedo (-3.9%) and Las Cuencas (-3.11%).

In total, public centers have 31,059 primary school students and 12,680 in the second cycle of Infant Education , ranging from 3 to 6 years old. The private-concerted network has 12,458 enrollments in Primary and 5,302 in the second cycle of Infant.

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