NewsOasiz Madrid, New Shopping Center With The Largest Leisure Offer In Spain

Oasiz Madrid, New Shopping Center With The Largest Leisure Offer In Spain

The Community of Madrid is already preparing its last grand opening in order to continue offering the best leisure catalog in all its municipalities. Oasiz Madrid will be the umpteenth great shopping center in the region, located in Torrejón de Ardoz , which will have countless spaces never seen before, such as lakes, waterfalls, climbing areas and zip lines or even an artificial beach.

On October 27 , unless the health situation or some other unforeseen situation prevents it, Oasiz Madrid will open its doors to all Madrilenians or foreigners eager to enjoy the best leisure plan ever seen in Spain. More than 250,000 square meters located 10 minutes from the capital, by car (although there is a wide range of public transport nearby), to present the new concept of shopping center.

And, as its creators claim, this new location escapes from what is known as a shopping center . Keeping the shops, restaurants or cinemas that are used to seeing in these places, there will also be go-karts, climbing centers and zip lines or a virtual reality space .

Oasiz Madrid is urbanized under a clear sustainable development strategy
However, the most exotic comes from the hand of two 10,000 square meter lakes surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls, green areas with almost 100,000 trees and shrubs and an artificial beach. Listed as the largest in Europe, this location will have a beach club where you can enjoy the usual coastline throughout the center of the Peninsula.

Likewise, Oasiz Madrid was born with the idea of ​​protecting the environment for which photovoltaic materials have been used for the construction of the center, there are more than 7,500 square meters of solar panels , as well as the water in the lakes is constantly reused and purified. Everything to obtain the BREEAM seal with excellent qualification , which recognizes that it is a sustainable building.

Who is behind Oasiz Madrid?
Built by Compañía de Phalsbourg , this company is a leader in development and innovation in the real estate market. Founded in 1989, it has a turnover of between 30 and 60 million euros per year , according to Iberinform , and its construction base is in the south of France.

The Spanish subsidiary based in Madrid, this new shopping center will be the jewel in its crown in the aim of ” meeting new consumer demands “. This was stated by the company at the beginning of 2021 in Hiretail, making it clear that the pandemic “has modified these demands”, which is why they are not looking for a “place to shop, but rather a space where they can cover all the needs and live experiences with them. five senses”.

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