NewsNew Training Contracts, Victims Of Fight Between Ministries Of Education And Labor

New Training Contracts, Victims Of Fight Between Ministries Of Education And Labor

The poor harmony between the Ministry of Education, (currently led by Pilar Alegría since last July 13) and the Ministry of Labor during Isabel Celaá’s stage at the head of the former has complicated the current negotiation of the labor reform in relation to the regulation of training contracts .

Several members of the negotiating table coincide in stating that said confrontation was patented when Labor acknowledged to the social agents that the first proposal of article 11 of the ET (training contracting) presented on June 31 was drafted entirely by the Celaa team, by what the Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey, refused to enter to discuss it.

This is the reason that explains that two weeks later, on June 14, a second proposal was presented, this time elaborated by Yolanda Díaz’s team , radically opposite in the previous one both in form and in substance, although they have points in common. . The new line presented by the Ministry of Labor maintains the current division into two different types of contracts, one for professionals who already have a degree to facilitate their employment and the other for dual training for students, whether in vocational training or workshop schools. or university students, the latter as a great novelty compared to the current regulation.

The negotiators consulted by eE agree that the first proposal had serious drafting defects, generating a lot of legal confusion. However, the new wording presented by the Ministry of Labor has a worse fit in the Draft of the Organic Law for the Organization and Integration of Vocational Training, the last project approved by Celaá in the Council of Ministers on June 15. The sources consulted acknowledge that, despite the fact that the competences of vocational training for employment, previously in the Ministry of Labor, have been shared with Education, the draft was prepared practically alone by Celaá. And they also highlight the scarce negotiation with social agents and Autonomous Communities.

Relations with the Basque government
Sources of the negotiators of the preliminary draft of FP, in parliamentary process, review the good harmony of Isabel Celaá with the deputy minister of FP of the Basque Government, Jorge Arévalo. The Basque politician, responsible since 2012 for VET in successive Basque governments (the last two in coalition with the PSE where Celaá is active), would have participated in the drafting of both the preliminary draft of the VET Law and that of art. 11 ET. Arévalo replaced Celaá at the head of the FP in the Basque Government, where she was Minister of Education from 2009 to 2012.

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