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Notice Of Social Security To Women With Children Who Are Going To Retire

People who apply for the retirement pension have to take into account all possible variables when it comes to getting the highest amount possible. One of the ways to do this is with the supplement for reducing the gender gap, although not everyone can benefit from it and it is a help focused mainly on women.

The Social Security has recalled through its citizen service profile on the social network Twitter that, when requesting the retirement pension, you must request this supplement at the same time, provided that you have the right to receive it.

The agency reports that, in principle, it is aimed at women, who suffer the most in their working lives the impact of having a child . Despite this, if there are demonstrable indications that the most affected family member was the father, it will be granted to him. In the event that neither of the two had ceased to contribute in that period and no detrimental effects were discovered in professional matters, the supplement will always go to the woman, and if it is a union of two women, it will be received by the one with a lower pension.

In any case, those who do not have parental authority after a sentence for breach of the duties inherent therein or for a criminal or matrimonial sentence may not receive it. Nor the father who has been convicted of gender violence against the mother or the father or mother who has been convicted of mistreatment of the son or daughter.

The amount of the supplement due to gender gap
The amount of this aid is 378 euros per year per child, with a maximum of four . It is paid in 14 payments, such as the retirement pension, so each child will have 27 euros more per month, with a maximum of 108 euros extra per month. This amount will be revalued along with the pensions, from year to year, and will also be received even if the pensioner is entitled to the maximum pension. In addition, it will not be taken into account for the calculation of the income of people with pensions with minimum supplements.

Requirements for the gender gap supplement
Women have to prove the right to a contributory retirement pension and that, in the event that the father is also professionally harmed by paternity, that his pension is lower.

Men, for their part, have to meet requirements based on the birth of their children:

-If they were before 1995, they must prove more than 120 days without contributions between the nine months before the birth and the three years after, in addition to a pension amount lower than that of the woman.

-If they were from 1995 onwards, they must prove that the sum of the contribution bases for the 24 months after the birth is at least 15% lower than those of the 24 months prior to the birth, in addition to having a lower pension amount to the woman’s.

For which pensions is this supplement valid?
This supplement applies to contributory retirement, widowhood and permanent disability pensions. In cases of partial retirement, it will only apply when the right to full retirement is created.

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