NewsProcedures That The Self-Employed Will Have To Do In October

Procedures That The Self-Employed Will Have To Do In October

The 2021 tax calendar for the self-employed always brings with it a myriad of procedures and paperwork. Precisely, this is one of the traditional complaints of the self-employed, since the bureaucratic burden of this group is very strong . In addition, October stands as one of the months in which more models must be presented.

Specifically, it is time to present the quarterly returns, in this case those corresponding to the third quarter of 2021. From October 1 to October 20 , the self-employed group will have to submit up to 8 different return models.

What models do I have to present in October if I am self-employed?
These are the models that the self-employed will have to present during the month of October:

  • Form 111: this is the statement used by companies and freelancers to pay personal income tax withholdings from their workers’ payroll and professional invoices.

It is a mandatory declaration, so the self-employed must present it to the Tax Agency, except when personal income tax is zero, although it will almost always go out to pay.

  • Model 115: a document that all companies or freelancers who carry out their activity in a rented space have to present.

It is a quarterly settlement model by which these professionals declare to the Treasury the withholdings made for the rental of urban real estate.

  • Model 123: used to settle withholdings and income on account of certain income from movable capital or certain income such as interest paid on loans received from third parties.

These will be the new quotas of the self-employed to Social Security when the SMI rises
These will be the new quotas of the self-employed to Social Security when the SMI rises

This statement is usually presented in the case of interest payments on bank loans or dividend distribution.

  • Model 368: this document is a VAT declaration for the special regimes of telecommunications, radio broadcasting or television or electronic services.

In order to present this model, it is necessary to register at the One-Stop Shop using form 034.

  • Form 303: this document is well known by self-employed workers, as it refers to the quarterly VAT self-assessment.

As a freelancer, when issuing invoices, a VAT is passed on to customers that must then be returned to the Treasury.

  • Model 130: this document is used to declare the benefit of your economic activity and to pay taxes on Personal Income Tax (IRPF).

Any IRPF taxpayer who exercises an economic activity and calculates his net income with the direct estimation method is obliged to present it, both in the normal and in the simplified mode.

  • Model 131: it is similar to model 130, only this is aimed at modulers. That is to say, it serves to declare the benefit of its economic activity and to pay taxes in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) when it is taxed by objective estimation, also known as modules.
  • Model 202: this document refers to a payment on account of the Corporation Tax. It is reserved for companies whose volume of operations exceeds 6,010,121.04 euros, whether they have made a profit or not.

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