NewsSmylePets Is Born, First Global And Sustainable Website Designed For Pet Lovers

SmylePets Is Born, First Global And Sustainable Website Designed For Pet Lovers

If we speak in economic terms, the world of pets moves millions of euros a year around the world. Moreover, only in our country and according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, pet owners spent an average of 1,200 euros a year on their best friends during 2019. Food, care, health checks, toys … there are many items to take into account to attend and understand how they deserve companion animals. That is why SmylePets has just been born, the first global website in Spanish designed 100% for pet lovers.

SmylePets was born with the firm intention of serving as a guide and leisure corner for all those who are looking for relevant and current information on everything that has to do with the universe of companion animals. Something that in the words of its creator, Chus Ortiz Simal, is an important challenge: “It will not be easy to gain the confidence of readers. Their level of demand and mastery of the topics to be discussed is very high. But we will try to achieve it. it, go further “.

And it is that the importance that pets have in the lives of the people with whom they live is indisputable. They are one more in the family, one more companion. Psychologists, therapists and experts agree that animals allow us to experience situations of well-being and happiness; and that their care is closely related to the development of affective bonds, the reduction of stress and the maintenance of a healthy self-esteem. That is why knowing them thoroughly and knowing how to treat, care for and pamper them is essential.

A meeting point for animal lovers
From breed information to pet entertainment plans to expert testimonials, anecdotes and product recommendations. SmylePets through its multidisciplinary team offers users differentiated, updated and rigorous information on everything that may be of interest to a pet owner.

But not only. Because also those who think about adopting, buying or giving a pet will find answers to their questions in SmylePets . It will be thanks to content related to permits, insurance, initial care or training, among others.

A sustainable, intuitive and very complete website
Aesthetically, SmylePets is a simple, highly visual and intuitive website. Specially designed to facilitate navigation and usability of users of any profile and age. Its content is physically divided between three different areas:

The general information section contains simple files with clear and direct content on breeds or common questions about pet care. The current one, much more dynamic, will be completed with news or novel, curious and interesting articles.

Both are complemented by the most interactive part of the web, the Smyleshop. A space designed so that users can buy relevant products for pets as well as t-shirts, shoes or customizable details for their owners.

Sustainability and care of the environment
Precisely this Smyleshop reflects the commitment that SmylePets has with the environment. And it is that for each product that comes out of it, a chestnut tree will be planted in Orense thanks to a collaboration agreement with the NGO Adarform. An association that works for the maintenance of agricultural activity in rural areas, and especially in mountain areas.

In addition, SmylePets is also sustainable in the sale of its products. Specifically, their shoes from the Spanish firm Bullfett are vegan, ecological and made with 100% recycled materials. The company’s commitment is to produce on demand and avoiding polluting waste.

SmylePets on social media
SmylePets is a very dynamic website with a high social component. In addition to its space for comments or the contact space for any questions or suggestions that may arise, the new portal for pet lovers also has its own social profiles. All the news of its contents and updates will be available on its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok profiles, where you can also enjoy the best pet videos.

A project with soul
The proper name behind this ambitious project is that of Chus Ortiz Simal from Madrid. Enthusiastic, honest and dreamy, he has extensive experience in the business world. Salesiano, graduated from ESIC and with two executive programs from IE, developed his professional profile for twelve years in the exclusive and demanding environment of Mediaset. However, his time at, whose activity has been stopped short by the pandemic, made him change his focus 100% towards the digital environment.

A lover of animals and sports, he understands teamwork as a starting point to achieve everything. So much so, that he is convinced in advance of the success of SmylePets: “I am convinced that pet lovers miss a common space where they read, entertain and train so that their pets do not lack for anything. That is why I have launched SmylePets. I am excited by the simple idea of ​​creating a meeting point where the articles and recommendations that we offer are worth the trouble of the readers. “

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