News1xBet's Response to Inaccurate Press Speculation

1xBet’s Response to Inaccurate Press Speculation

Recently the press has been reporting, referring to a video sponsorship organised by a third party without 1xBet’s knowledge or permissions.

1xBet would never purposely promote or support disrespectful and politized content directed at Ukraine (or indeed any other country).

The lyrics that have caused offense were performed by just one participant in a much wider competition. 1xBet had no involvement in the creation of the offending lyric in question or the video’s production. As soon as 1xBet was made aware of the issue we acted immediately, directly contacting the organisers and instructing them to remove the original video (a request they have since complied with).

To ensure they do not conflict with the company’s values, 1xBet actively monitors affiliate partner promotions. However, unauthorised promotion of the business does occasionally – and regrettably – take place, as is the case with many major brands around the world. Once an unauthorised promotion is flagged, it is addressed quickly by the company.

To reiterate the above, any offensive lyrics or political viewpoints delivered by individual participants at the event should not be viewed as being in any way supported or endorsed by 1xBet – when it comes to disrespectful and politized content such as this, the company takes a zero tolerance stance.

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