NewsSánchez Llibre Praises The Stability Between The Government And The Generalitat

Sánchez Llibre Praises The Stability Between The Government And The Generalitat

The president of the Catalan employers’ association Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, has positively valued “the process of normality, political stability and institutional loyalty” between the Government and the Generalitat, which he considers to have been non-existent in the previous legislature.

As assured in a statement when the first 100 days of Pere Aragonès at the head of the Catalan Executive are fulfilled, “this tuning has been possible due to” the return of dialogue through the bilateral commission and the presence of the Generalitat in the multisectoral commissions “.

Sánchez Llibre has concluded, in particular, the agreement on the extension of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport and the principle of agreement in relation to the Pirineus-Barcelona pre-candidacy for Catalonia to host the 2030 Winter Olympics. “Also We value positively the initiation and promotion of the National Pact for Industry, as well as the impulse for Social Dialogue “, he added.

Even so, he has regretted that this dialogue does not exist – according to him – even between the Government and the parties in the Catalan Parliament, and has criticized “the continuous fights on important aspects between the two parties of the Government” and between their councilors.

The president of Foment has lamented, on the other hand, the resignation of the Generalitat of Catalonia to prepare budgets for this year, as well as the dependence that the Government may have on the CUP in the negotiation of the budgets for 2022. “The budgets are very important for the generation of wealth, for the creation of jobs and for the increase of productive activity “, said Sánchez Llibre.

In parallel to the management of the health situation, Aragonès has faced during its first one hundred days a thaw of the Generalitat’s relations with the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which in the first weeks was focused on the pardons to the prisoners of 1-O , received by the Catalan president as a step to give “credibility” to the dialogue, although as he insists, for him, the solution to the conflict involves self-determination and amnesty.

The first meeting between the two presidents took place on June 7 in an act of Foment del Treball, meeting for the first time in La Moncloa on June 29, when they agreed to reactivate the Bilateral Commission – it met at the beginning of August – and the table dialogue, which is scheduled in Barcelona for the week of September 13, although he did not attend the Conference of Autonomous Presidents.

Precisely this meeting between the central and Catalan governments to resume the dialogue table will mark the beginning of the next political course after the summer period, which has limited the activity of the Government of Aragonès in these first 100 days, and it remains to be seen who will participate – -the Catalan president has already said that he will lead the Catalan delegation- and what exact day it will be.

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