NewsCarlos Herrera's Meeting With King Juan Carlos In Abu Dhabi

Carlos Herrera’s Meeting With King Juan Carlos In Abu Dhabi

The news reported by Informalia on October 1 gains strength as a result of King Juan Carlos’ lunchwith Carlos Herrera in Abu Dhabi. As we recounted ten months ago, the journalist finalizes the memoirs of the emeritus, exiled since last summer due to his alleged economic scandals.

Mariló Montero’s ex-husband spoke about the meeting they had this Tuesday in El Español : “It was a very pleasant meal. Don Juan Carlos is wonderfully well and very lively. We have had a good time.” The journalist reiterates that Felipe VI’s father “is looking forward to going back to Spain.”

Juan Carlos I and his close friend ate at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Specifically in the Sushi 99 restaurant, one of the places that the retired monarch frequently visits. In this new meeting, they could have given a great boost to the biography with new confessions, although Herrera himself has refused to talk about the matter after being asked by La Razón journalists .

Carlos Herrera, a personal friend of the former Head of State, has been preparing a biography-interview for a long time, as Vanity Fair explained in his day, and everything indicates that it cannot be long, as they leaked from Cope to Informalia in October. The communicator writes this book based on confidences of the emeritus. The monarch talks about his reign and abdication, but also about his trajectory in the last six years of his life, since he stopped being the Head of State.

His Majesty and the journalist maintain a relationship of true friendship. Let us remember that when Carlos Herrera debuted as the star signing of the Cope, in 2015, from Onda Cero, the emeritus participated in their gathering, ‘giving away’ a brief interview in which he spoke of his son, already head of state at that time: ” He is a great king, with qualities, who knows the country very well and has managed to earn the respect of all Spaniards, “he said.

Don Juan Carlos did not hide praise and affectionate gestures from his journalist friend: “We have lived through many vicissitudes and you have been by my side in difficult circumstances, which I will never forget. You will always have my eternal gratitude,” he told Herrera before his millions of listeners.

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