NewsWhatsApp Reactions Arrive, Responses With Emojis To Received Messages

WhatsApp Reactions Arrive, Responses With Emojis To Received Messages

By surprise and without warning, WhatsApp is working on a new functionality that will allow us to react to messages without having to write anything.

This option seems to be being tested by a very limited number of users, as at the moment not even a screenshot has been leaked; There is only one clue that WhatsApp is developing reactions to messages.

In WABetaInfo they have received a strange automatic message on WhatsApp, which reads: “You have received a reaction. Please update your version of WhatsApp to see the reactions.” In other words, only the latest version of the WhatsApp app has this function, but the vast majority of users cannot use it yet; it is an unstable version for testing new features.

Other services and applications already have reactions. The most famous is Facebook, which is associated with the “Like” button but in recent years has been adding reactions with different emotions for each situation and content. Reactions are emojis that represent what we feel, and they save us from having to write a response if we really don’t have anything else to say. For example, a possible reaction would be a heart to show affection for the other person.

It is not yet clear if WhatsApp will have the same reactions as Facebook , if it will allow customization or what variety it will have as standard. The only thing that is clear is that the reactions are real and in development.

At the moment, it seems that the Android version is the first that is testing the functionality, but it is to be expected that it will also reach the iOS version and WhatsApp Web, especially considering that all the apps are going to be more even than ever. with the arrival of multi-device support, which will allow us to use WhatsApp without having the mobile on and associated.

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