NewsNew European DNI Comes Into Force That Can Be Carried On Your...

New European DNI Comes Into Force That Can Be Carried On Your Mobile

Spanish citizens who renew their national identity document from Monday, August 2, will already obtain the new European format of electronic DNI 4.0, which includes a new design of the support itself with new security measures and that can also be carried on the mobile in a future.

As of today, the countries of the European Union must comply with the EU Regulation 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 20, 2019 on the reinforcement of the security of identity documents of Union citizens, which It is part of the 2016 Action Plan to tackle travel document fraud.

The new European identity document, in addition to incorporating all the security and usability measures of the previous format (electronic DNI 3.0), adds the following changes: appearance of the European Union flag with the acronym inside the country that issues the document (in the case of Spain, ES) and the name in English of the document – National Identity Card – required by European regulations.

This new format was inaugurated by the Minister of the Interior on June 2 at the Documentation Unit of the National Police Station of Móstoles (Madrid)

Waiting for the mobile application and the Express DNI
The National Police’s immediate objective is to implement identity accreditation through a mobile application with which citizens can access the document for free and have the electronic signature from their mobile device. According to the General Directorate of the Police, Spain is thus at the “forefront” of Europe in documentation and digital identity.

It is also expected that in the coming months the Express DNI will be launched , a semi-automatic issuance system that will reduce waiting times during ordinary renewals of the identity document and increase security since you will get a photograph at the same time of renewal. Although for the moment the citizen will continue to have to contribute his photograph in the traditional way.

However, the fact that this document comes into force today does not mean that the population that has the old format should go for the new one. Citizens will be able to continue using the electronic DNI 3.0 (which have not expired) until August 3, 2031 , although most of the documents will be updated with the next renewal.

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