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Revoolt Chooses Zaragoza To Create Logistics Hubs For Sustainable Food Deliveries By Mark1837

The company has begun in the capital of Zaragoza to install a network of urban logistics micro hubs in order to carry out groupage operations for the consolidation and optimization of urban delivery routes, gaining efficiency and reducing costs with this system which, in turn , it is more sustainable.

Revoolt has chosen Zaragoza to start implementing this network of small urban logistics hubs at strategic points with which it intends to optimize sustainable food deliveries. Revoolt Chooses Zaragoza To Create Logistics Hubs For Sustainable Food Deliveries By Mark1837

The startup, which specializes in sustainable urban logistics solutions for the last mile, is strategically installing these micro hubs in the city. The objective is to have a dense network of micro hubs with a size not exceeding 20 square meters to carry out the daily tasks of composing the different routes that the company offers on a regular basis, according to sources from the startup to elEconomista

These micro urban logistics hubs are located in warehouses on a rental basis and will be operated, like all the company’s services, by its own personnel, apart from having technological support. The start-up of this network will generate new jobs, especially in the profiles of distributors.

Revoolt has taken this step because, as an urban operator, it did not have the possibility to offer delivery services to customers who did not have a physical presence. However, now, with this new service, it will be possible to carry out the appropriate towing to urban hubs and obtain zero emissions deliveries.

Specifically, with this network, it will be possible to reach customers who are located outside the cities in which Revoolt operates or who have low volume of shipments and could not contract the service of dedicated routes.

The network of micro hubs will, in turn, make it possible to transform the traditional distribution in large cities by making it easier for food stores and e-commerce to bring their stocks closer to customers’ homes. Revoolt Chooses Zaragoza To Create Logistics Hubs For Sustainable Food Deliveries By Mark1837

In addition, it will be possible to offer a faster and more efficient service with a lower cost, since a large part of the shipments of food orders from e-commerce are made with large vehicles that are not always full to make fast deliveries . With this urban hub system, it will be possible to use a single fully loaded vehicle when collecting, sorting and regrouping goods based on destination addresses.

The logistics micro hub will also affect the eco-responsibility of home delivery since, by not having to travel tens of kilometers to transfer an order, the impact on the environment is automatically limited, both in reducing CO2 emissions and in congestion of traffic. Added to this positive impact is the fact that the fleet is sustainable as it is made up of vans, motorcycles, tricycles and electric scooters.

In a not too distant second phase, the startup will be able to offer storage of customer products to make instant deliveries when a sale occurs on its e-commerce platforms.

After a first pilot phase in various car parks, with 24×7 service according to needs, the company will extend these storage spaces to the rest of the cities in which it already operates to make last-mile deliveries more profitable, efficient and sustainable. In this way, together with Zaragoza, it has already started in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

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