NewsFestivals Trust Salut's Study To Refute Criticism By Mark1199

Festivals Trust Salut’s Study To Refute Criticism By Mark1199

The fifth pandemic wave has diverted glances to the massive festivals held in recent weeks (Vida, Canet Rock and Cruïlla) and, before the incriminating runrún, they respond by pointing to the ongoing study by Salut, which should be made public at the end of month with its conclusions on whether the contagion rate registered in its enclosures represented, or not, a “super transmission event”.

While it arrives, Canet has filed a lawsuit against the technology company that managed the ‘app’ for antigen tests, the incidence of which led to queues of up to three hours . Festivals Trust Salut’s Study To Refute Criticism By Mark1199

The application, the same one that Vida counted on (and that caused problems there on its first day), could not be put into operation that Saturday, July 3 due to the accumulation of public, and to that problem another was added: the company, Aina Group, did not provide, according to the festival, the volume of health personnel hired, up to 25% less.

The device had a cost of 200,000 euros, reports Gemma Recoder, director of the show, of which Canet Rock advanced half. Now, through a burofax, he has claimed the company for the return of that advanced amount and has informed him of the demand, considering that “the contracted service was not effective.”

Problem or solution
But to the complaints about the failure of the application have been added the comments that blame the festivals for the viral rebounds of these days. “We are accused of being part of the problem, when we did things as they told us to do them, and we can assure that no one with a positive antigen test entered the festival,” says Gemma Recoder, who recalls that this test It does not detect who has the virus, but who has it with a high enough load to infect.

“You can have been infected by Sant Joan, test negative at Canet Rock and days later start to feel bad.” And the virus takes between five and fourteen days to manifest. “They cannot accuse us of being positive the next day.”

In Canet, as in Vida and Cruïlla, they refer to the Salut study, and claim to be “the first interested in knowing the results to show that festivals are not responsible for the increase in contagions,” says Recoder, who expresses his wish that tests are allowed to be marketed in pharmacies. It highlights that Canet Rock “isolated” 152 positives, “people who were sources of infection without knowing it.” Festivals Trust Salut’s Study To Refute Criticism By Mark1199

Revealing traceability
Jordi Herreruela, director of Cruïlla, referred to the Salut study in the balance press conference on Saturday, when he revealed that initially it was not planned to follow the trail of the attendees (the first purpose was another, to test the ability to test 25,000 people in six hours, as well as “the variability of the tests in the same people over three days”), but the fifth wave made it convenient to broaden the frame by tracking epidemiological data. Herreruela was “happy” with this commitment to traceability.

The three festivals appeal to this study to prepare to replicate, when the time comes, those who point the finger at them, if it is indeed demonstrated that there was less viral transmission within their venues than outside. They also wish to reply to other accusations, such as the one relating to the antigen test modality adopted and the thickness, perhaps inadequate, of the rods.

The test applied was not the nasopharyngeal (which explores the nostril until it touches the wall of the pharynx) but the nasal, less invasive and just as common , whose rods can vary in thickness. Festivals Trust Salut’s Study To Refute Criticism By Mark1199

“We buy some with the thickest stick and some with thinner ones for the children,” explains Gemma Recoder.”The three festivals have used the same type of test, validated by the Fundació Trias i Pujol, and with a reliability of 98%”.

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