NewsProduction Of Wind And Photovoltaic Energy Will Increase Fivefold In Aragon

Production Of Wind And Photovoltaic Energy Will Increase Fivefold In Aragon

Once the projects already in process or admitted come into operation, wind energy production will almost quadruple – from the current power of 4,249.5MW to 16,301MW, while photovoltaic will multiply its power by nine, from the current 1,261MW to 11,365MW.

The sum of both technologies will increase its production fivefold, from the 5.5510MW currently in operation to more than 27,667MW. The sum of all this power will mean an occupation of 29,662.43 hectares, which is equivalent to 0.622% of the entire surface of Aragon, according to the report ‘Environmental, social and economic impact of renewable energy projects, wind and photovoltaic in Aragon ‘, presented by the Clúster de la Energía de Aragón (CLENAR) and prepared by the University of Zaragoza and the Ibersyd company.

The report -which has taken into account the photovoltaic and wind projects that are already in process for their construction or admitted-, reflects that 33.71% of the surface of Aragon presents some regulatory restriction for the development of renewable energies.

The regions with the highest installed renewable energy power are Campo de Belchite, Zaragoza Central Region, Campo de Borja, Valdejalón and Ribera Baja del Ebro, while the regions with the highest number of power in projects in the pipeline are Cinco Villas, Campo from Belchite, Central Region of Zaragoza, Bajo Martín and Campo de Borja.

In 2020, renewables were the main source of final energy consumption in Aragon for the first time in history, representing 35% of the total, ahead of natural gas (34.9%) and oil (30%). ). The year 2020 was also the first year in which Aragon produced more renewable energy than it consumes.

In relation to the affectations to the fauna, the study includes the causes of income of animals in the Center for the Recovery of Wild Fauna of La Alfranca, of the Government of Aragon. According to the 2020 entry causes, the two main ones are outside the renewable energy sector, with 24.25% due to collisions with other types of facilities and 20.04% due to accidents. The third and fourth causes are wind turbines and electrocutions in general, with 16.57% and 10.45%, respectively.

The impact
The report states that each renewable energy project promoted in Aragon has effects on electricity generation capacity, job creation, investment, reduction of CO2 emissions or increases in collection through taxes.

According to the study estimates, for every 100 MW of wind energy – they require 115 million investment and suppose the generation of 207GWh – 1,052 jobs are generated in Aragon (1,011 depending on the investment, 27 for the operation of the installation and 14 for taxes and royalties); the emission of 100,000 tons of CO2 is avoided; The import of 18,000 tons of oil is avoided and 3.65 million euros are collected in taxes (ICIO, IAE and IBICES). Its maintenance requires 1,850,000 euros per year.

For its part, 100MW of photovoltaic -which implies an investment of 80 million euros and generates 150GWh- suppose the creation of 737 jobs in Aragon (710 based on investment, 14 for operation and 13 for taxes and fees); reduce 70,000 tons of CO2; avoid importing 13,000 tons of oil and collect 2.6 million in taxes. Its maintenance requires 950,000 euros per year.

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